Get Smoother Looking Skin with a Microdermabrasion Treatment


If you want to look younger and have healthier looking skin, consider a state of the art NYC microdermabrasion treatment. When lotions and creams just don’t get the job done, this type of facial treatment will be sure to impress and start to show immediate results. With all the different products out there and promise of healthier looking skin, it’s easy to get discouraged and not know which type of treatment will work for you. We will take a quick look at why microdermabrasion skin treatments are effective and work well in so many different ways.

It’s the Hot Stone Massage Season!

The weather is cooling down, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are falling. That’s right, the holidays, and all the stress they bring, are quickly coming upon us. Soon, malls will be filled with panicked shoppers while the roads will be covered in ice, yet you’ll be expected to celebrate peace on earth and share goodwill toward men.

The holidays take their toll on everyone, and that’s why, if you haven’t yet, be sure to schedule your hot stone massage in New York City before it’s too late. The relaxation and warmth will help melt away your problems and return cheer to your face.

Does Swedish Massage Slow the Aging Process?

The Problem of Scar Tissue

Can the fine art of massage help slow the process of aging? Although we all experience aches and pains, many people may not realize that these feelings of discomfort actually signal the breakdown of our muscular system. Every time we injure ourselves, our body responds by mending the affected area. However, after our body repairs itself, some scar tissue may remain at the site of the original injury. Since scar tissue is thick and inflexible, these scarred areas on our muscle fibers decrease our range of movement by constricting the natural stretching and contraction motions of our muscle groups. Aura Wellness spa is an expert at combating these aches through Swedish massage therapy in Manhattan.

Reflexology Massage: Treat Yourself to Some TLC

Around the world, therapeutic massage is regarded as a treatment to heal ailments and alleviate their symptoms, reduce stress and generally recharge the mind and body. Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on the feet. While the thought of a thorough foot massage can be relaxing on its own, the theory behind reflexology offers additional benefits that extend well beyond the feet. If you are in the Manhattan area and are looking to relax, contact Aura Wellness Spa, a popular Korean massage spa, to schedule a rejuvenating treatment.

Include Aromatherapy into Your Next Spa Treatment

Aromatherapy treatments are common in spas and health centers around the world, particularly when coupled with massage. Not only is an aromatherapy massage relaxing and revitalizing, but it also smells wonderful and treats a host of issues.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents to treat emotional and physical problems. Oils are extracted from roots, flowers and other types of plants and the makeup of these oils have certain therapeutic abilities. The use of aromatics has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, when it was used to maintain health and treat sickness.

What to Expect During a Shiatsu Massage

Massage clinics typically offer a variety of different types of massage therapy, which include Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, and even hot stone massage. Japanese shiatsu is another type of therapy offered that literally means “finger pressure.” This type of massage is perfect for relaxing and finding relief from a number of common ailments.

What Is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is known as a form of Japanese bodywork. The term “shiatsu” is translated “finger pressure” and is used to describe the type of pressure utilized in a shiatsu massage.

Fall in love with Our Fall Facial Treatment Promotions

With the fall season just around the corner, you may be thinking of ways to refresh your wardrobe, but what about a fall refresher for your most prominent feature – your skin? After months of hot humid weather coupled with heavy duty sunscreen, it’s the perfect time to hit reset on your skin. Treating your skin well on a regular basis plays a large role in its health and well-being, ultimately resulting in a more youthful appearance over time. For the best facial treatments in NYC and a fresh start for the new fall season, consider a spa skin peel service.

Make the Most of Your Lunch Break with a Relaxing Massage

Looking to banish midday stress and indulge in some “me time” during your lunch break? Feeling drained and achy by the time the clock strikes noon? You’re not alone. Many working individuals feel that they don’t have time to relax during the day, which leads to increased stress, muscle tension, and overall discomfort. You may be surprised, however, to find just how much you can recharge and rejuvenate in only an hour. Aura Wellness Spa, a Korean day spa in NYC, offers a number of services that take 60 minutes or less. It’s easy to stop in for a quick yet relaxing massage that will prepare you to take on the second half of your day.

One hour Treatments

The Swedish massage is the most commonly requested service at Aura Spa. This relaxing, hour-long massage allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle
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Experience Therapeutic Grottoes in New York City

To enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment, the therapeutic grottoes in New York City offer a variety of different services for an invigorating experience. From several therapeutic grottoes to a variety of massage services, there are several reasons to visit the spa.

There are four different types of grottoes that are available at the spa for various beauty and wellness treatments.

Know the Benefits of a Professional Water Massage Therapy

If you are thinking about trying massage therapy for stiff muscles or some other issues, it pays to understand that there is more than one kind of massage that you can try. In particular, you may want to take a look at water massage therapy in New York. This particular strategy will provide benefits that cover a lot of ground.

How does it Work?

There are two different approaches used with this type of therapy. One strategy calls for the client to be in a pool of water. The masseuse helps to manipulate different muscle groups while the water helps to add a soothing touch.