Anti Aging Facial Treatment: NYC Beauty Treatments Without Injectables

Anti Aging Facial Treatment NYCIf you’re searching for the most effective and non-invasive anti aging facial treatment NYC has to offer, visit us at Aura Wellness Spa. If you want to minimize and prevent signs of aging in a non-invasive manner and/or perhaps you are not ready to commit to injectables, our various rejuvenating treatments may be the ideal choice for you.

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Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy In the 21st century, people have begun to express a stronger awareness of health and fitness. Whether individuals are noticing the obesity epidemic in the country or paying more attention to the lack of fresh air that technology often induces, they are growing more aware. Yet awareness is not enough. People need to engage in healthy activities to match their ideologies with their actions. However, in a world consumed by overbearing technologies, many claim they don’t have enough time.

Korean Day Spa to Jumpstart your Korean Beauty Rituals


Korean Massage New York CityThe Korean beauty regimen is certainly making waves in the Western world. The skincare routines of Korean women are lengthy, complex, and can seem like a chock full of outlandish ingredients. They are also incredibly effective. With a few products and a little diligence, anyone can recreate the Korean skincare basics.

New York City Spa Packages: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

New York City Spa PackagesA father is an irreplaceable part of any person’s life. Every hug, even the stern talks (maybe later in life) are appreciated. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, the question may become: what exactly is a good Father’s Day gift? There can be no better way of showing appreciation than gifting spa services. But, choosing the services that would work best for the father in question is a task that should be undertaken with care and consideration. Learning about different options as well as the benefits of these treatments would help any gift giver ensure that the spa treatment that they select is one that can be of value. Taking advantage of one of the New York City spa packages will help put a smile on any father’s face.

The Best Aqua Therapy NYC Has To Offer Can Help Avoid Injuries This Spring

Massage Therapy NYC The most restorative aqua therapy NYC has to offer can help ward off sports related injuries this spring. As the weather gets warmer, many people begin to spend more time exercising and engaging in outdoor sports activities. Spring is the perfect time to get into better shape and enjoy your favorite active past times. However, this is also the time of year when sports and exercise related injuries spike.

As you become more active, it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself from sprains, pulled muscles and other common injuries. There are several ways to do this. You should always stretch and warm up before beginning any strenuous activity. Another technique that is becoming more popular is hydro therapy. Spending time in the water is not only fun, it can help protect you from many injuries. … Continue reading The Best Aqua Therapy NYC Has To Offer Can Help Avoid Injuries This Spring

A New York Facial Treatment For a Flawless Spring Makeup Application

Facial Massage New York City

A New York Facial treatment will create the perfect canvas for a flawless spring makeup application. The face is the first thing most people notice about another person, and first impressions are of paramount importance when interacting with others. The application of makeup is a time-honored way of maximizing the impressive qualities of one’s face, but makeup, like any other art, should be applied to the cleanest, smoothest canvas possible. Obtaining a New York facial treatment is the very best way to ensure that those first impressions are positive.

Luxurious New York Facial Treatment for Your Skin’s Specific Needs

This is the time of year when makeup styles shift to lighter colors and finishes with summer just around the corner. Because of this, it is imperative to ensure that the underlying facial skin is kept in … Continue reading A New York Facial Treatment For a Flawless Spring Makeup Application

History of Hydro Massage Methods: Water Jet Massage

Aqua Therapy NYC

Water jet massage therapy is proven to be instrumental to wellness and rehabilitation, and is generally seen as preferable, healthy alternatives to chemical medication. Hydro massage is a method of massage therapy which relies of the right application of water pressure to problematic areas on the body. This method of massage is rooted in centuries of tradition and has beneficial results. In its modern form, hydro massage is made available in spa locations nationwide.

Modern water jet massage has its foundations in Ancient Greece and Rome, where the concept of the bath house and luxurious massage first enjoyed mass popularity. Later, in the 18th century, A.D., pumped and pressurized water was used to treat a variety of conditions in which the redirection of water retention away from the head and into other parts of the body was necessary. … Continue reading History of Hydro Massage Methods: Water Jet Massage

A Spa Body Scrub to Help with Diminishing Cellulite

Korean Body Scrub

With the summer just around the corner, everyone is looking to get in shape for swimsuit season. Cellulite is a problem for a lot of women (though not for many men), and something to address this spring. Often, cellulite is genetic – if your mom had it, chances are good you will have it, too.

While it’s not pleasant, cellulite can be made to look less noticeable and existing cellulite reduced with a few simple steps.

A Spa Body Scrub & Other Tips To Combat  Cellulite This Summer

Exercise -This obvious option is one everyone knows. Consistent exercise focusing on the body parts that are most affected is the best – though not always easiest – way to combat cellulite. Toned muscle and skin is less likely to be plagued with cellulite.

Cardio- running, cycling, and hiking – … Continue reading A Spa Body Scrub to Help with Diminishing Cellulite

Beauty Rituals: 6 of the Most Bizarre throughout History

anti aging facial treatment NYC

Beauty rituals throughout history have tip toed between the traditional to most bizarre. Perceptions of beauty have changed significantly and with the trends come beauty rituals that promise to deliver the most physically attractive version of you. There have also been many macabre and dangerous practices that people have undergone in order to be considered “beautiful”.  Let’s take a look at history’s most bizarre beauty rituals.

Beauty Rituals: History’s Most Bizarre

Wigs, Held Together by Animal Fat

Although people today also use wigs for both aesthetic and medical reasons, they have certainly improved a lot over the years. For example, in the Victorian age, bigger hairstyles were very popular.

To save time, the wigs would have wooden frames that required animal fat to stick together. Vermin loved the taste of animal fat and would make … Continue reading Beauty Rituals: 6 of the Most Bizarre throughout History

Massage Spa NYC: Better Joint Mobility

Asian Full Body Massage NYC

The most luxurious massage spa NYC has to offer includes relief from common physical ailments. Since April heralds warmer weather and longer days, most people choose it as the optimum month to begin a new workout routine. This is especially beneficial for those who have allergies or compromised immune systems, as the fickle temperatures in some areas may cause illnesses. You should keep in mind though, that maintaining a healthy body is a work in progress – a marathon, not a sprint.

Reinvigorating Massage Spa: NYC Tips For Increased Joint Mobility

The most beneficial massage spa NYC has to offer includes body treatments such as shiatsu and deep tissue massages for increased circulation and expedited muscle recovery time. Joint mobility is vital because exercising with joints that are too tight or loose can cause … Continue reading Massage Spa NYC: Better Joint Mobility