Massage Spa NYC: Better Joint Mobility

Asian Full Body Massage NYC

The most luxurious massage spa NYC has to offer includes relief from common physical ailments. Since April heralds warmer weather and longer days, most people choose it as the optimum month to begin a new workout routine. This is especially beneficial for those who have allergies or compromised immune systems, as the fickle temperatures in some areas may cause illnesses. You should keep in mind though, that maintaining a healthy body is a work in progress – a marathon, not a sprint.

Reinvigorating Massage Spa: NYC Tips For Increased Joint Mobility

The most beneficial massage spa NYC has to offer includes body treatments such as shiatsu and deep tissue massages for increased circulation and expedited muscle recovery time. Joint mobility is vital because exercising with joints that are too tight or loose can cause … Continue reading Massage Spa NYC: Better Joint Mobility

History of Saunas for Beauty & Healing: Massage Spa NYC

Massage Spa NYC


The best massage spa NYC has to offer is one that comes with the added benefits of a dry or wet sauna. Throughout history, physicians have praised the therapeutic value of a sweat bath and the numerous advantages it has on overall health. Saunas give a relaxing feeling to the body besides acting as relief to common cold, hangovers, headaches and arthritis. The earliest evidence of sauna use can be traced back to Mexico and throughout Central America.

Here is a brief history of the origins of sauna use for beauty and healing:

The temazcal is Central America’s version of the sauna during the pre-Hispanic rule of the indigenous peoples. “Tema” means house of heat and/or “to bathe” from the Aztec language. The ancient Mesoamerican people used the temazcal as part of curative ceremony believed to … Continue reading History of Saunas for Beauty & Healing: Massage Spa NYC

Spa Body Scrub: Time to Renew Your Skin With A Spring Makeover

Anti Aging Facial Treatment NYC


A spa body scrub treatment can renew tired-looking skin. The cold of winter makes your skin dull and dry. A spring makeover can renew, rejuvenate, and detoxify your skin, making you ready for pool parties and beach getaways. You can choose from a wide variety of popular spring spa treatments at Aura Spa.

The Most Advanced Anti Aging Facial Treatment NYC Has To Offer

Aura Wellness Spa’s hour-long process is the best anti aging facial treatment NYC has to offer. Our Signature Facial is customized for your skin type. It includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extraction with facial massage, as well as a re-balancing face mask and lotion. The 30 minute Mini Facial is a deep pore cleansing treatment with light exfoliation, a pressure-point facial massage, and hydrating lotion. Purity … Continue reading Spa Body Scrub: Time to Renew Your Skin With A Spring Makeover

Best Asian Full Body Massage in NYC to Tweak Muscles Post Workout

Korean Massage New York City

The best Asian Full Body Massage NYC has to offer is both restorative and rejuvenating. This intuitive art of healing has been practiced for millennia. Massage therapy is rooted in the human instinct to provide healing in the parts of the body that ache. It is a field that applies this fundamental principle and has evolved it into a science. The term “massage” got its origin from an Arabic word “mass’h,” meaning to squeeze, knead or touch.

Most people utilize massage therapy for such things as relaxation, pain relief, and conditioning. There is little doubt that massage is beneficial for certain health conditions, and more research is being done to establish its scientifically measured efficacy.

What is an Asian Body Massage? NYC Fast-Paced Natives Should Know

The most therapeutic Asian body massage NYC has … Continue reading Best Asian Full Body Massage in NYC to Tweak Muscles Post Workout

Get a Beach Spring Break Body with a Spa Body Scrub

Korean Body Scrub

Get a beach spring break body in no time with a spa body scrub.  A Korean body scrub is a little known way to rejuvenate and detoxify winter dull skin. This luxurious experience will work to clear away all lackluster skin, so your body is ready to be shown off at the pool parties and beach getaways this spring break.

After a long, cold winter, your skin has had it with hibernating. When you need to get your beach spring break body ready in a short amount of time, a Korean body scrub should be your go-to beauty treatment. A spa body scrub rids your skin of its topmost layer thus exposing brighter more even toned skin underneath.

What makes a Korean body scrub such a big deal? Think of it as the ultimate scrub your entire body … Continue reading Get a Beach Spring Break Body with a Spa Body Scrub

Spa Detox After St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations with the Best New York City Massage Therapy

Japanese Shiatsu Massage

The Irish are not the only ones who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; non-Irish love the holiday, too and that’s why a spa detox involving the best New York City massage therapy session is ideal this coming week. One of the oldest, proudest, and biggest events happening in New York takes place next Tuesday, March 17th. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade progresses down Fifth Avenue, passing by St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Central Park. Then, according to the recommended St. Patrick’s Day guide, it’s time to travel on a multi-borough expedition for beer at all the best Irish bars, toast the best drinking songs, and for the brave, have a few slugs of Irish whiskey along the way. Here is a guide for March 18th. Do yourself a favor and take a spa detox after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at … Continue reading Spa Detox After St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations with the Best New York City Massage Therapy

New York Facial Treatment For Winter Dry Skin

Anti Aging Facial Treatment NYC

You may find that a New York facial treatment can help to soothe your dehydrated winter skin. This harsh winter has been long and difficult. The rampant use of indoor heaters wreaks havoc on sensitive skin. People who suffer from other skin complications such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea are even more vulnerable to the harsh effects of winter. Not only is dry skin itchy and uncomfortable, dry skin also disturbs the skin integrity and can cause a host of other problems.

Dry skin can feel tight and uncomfortable. However, it can result in cracked skin, itchy patches and flaky patches. Dry skin on the lips can cause them to crack and bleed. Long and hot showers or baths may sound nice after returning home from the cold, but this … Continue reading New York Facial Treatment For Winter Dry Skin

Shake off Winter’s Chill with An NYC Hot Stone Massage


If you’ve ever experienced the relaxation and peaceful serenity that comes from a body massage, you know what an enjoyable treat it is. A source of healing dating back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures over 3,000 years ago, massage is known for its numerous therapeutic benefits. Now, take that ancient ritual to a new level and shake off the chill of winter’s bitter cold by experiencing unique and soul warming New York City hot stone massage therapy. With countless benefits, the modern experience of hot stone massage goes beyond its ancient roots. Discover it for yourself.

The Origins of the Hot Stone Massage

Ancient methods of hot stone massage therapy began from a very basic belief that stones contained healing properties. Spanish healers offered a stone to a woman in labor as it … Continue reading Shake off Winter’s Chill with An NYC Hot Stone Massage

Pair Your Next Massage with an Aromatherapy Treatment


When was the last time you took your time exploring New York City? It can be hard to take advantage of such convenience while you’re carrying the weight of your work week on your shoulders. New York City is an international tourist destination for a reason. Consider an aromatherapy massage in New York City an experience the City through a relaxed pair of eyes.

Origins of Aromatherapy

Initially used in herbal medicine, aromatherapy has homeopathic origins that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt circa 3,500 BC. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants and herbs like lavender and rosemary. Different essential oils have different effects on the human body. For example, floral bergamot, tangy lemon and musky sandalwood oils, have been known to promote feelings of peace and happiness. More medicinal oils … Continue reading Pair Your Next Massage with an Aromatherapy Treatment

Enjoy a NYC Couples Massage This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means that many folks are scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone in their lives. If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love, one of the best ways to go is with a couple spa in New York City. There is no better way to get close to someone you love than enjoying a romantic, relaxing spa day together. Come in and see how magical your Valentine’s Day can be this year when you spend it with your significant other at Aura Wellness Spa in New York City.