3 Reasons Swedish Massages are a great way to De-stress

Individuals who are stressed out aren’t just having problems mentally; they are, as a result of the stress, having physical issues as well. This is why massages are often recommended to individuals suffering from stress as a way to relieve both mental and physical issues. Swedish massage therapy in particular is an excellent way to de-stress. A Swedish massage involves kneading, long strokes and friction techniques to massage the muscles’ more superficial layers. The following are three ways in which a Swedish Full Body Massage can help to reduce stress:

  • Lowering Cortisol Levels – Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. Studies have shown that individuals who underwent a Swedish massage at least twice a week during a five-week period showed a decrease in cortisol levels as well as an increase in oxytocin levels, which is known as the trust hormone.
  • Reducing Tension – One of the physical issues that stress often causes include tense muscles, which can lead to pain and discomfort as well as decreased flexibility. These physical issues then help to increase the stress levels of the individual, thereby trapping him or her into a cycle of increasing physical and mental stress. A Swedish massage is a great way to relieve physical issues. It is known for improving the circulation of the blood as well as relaxing tense muscles, thereby improving flexibility and reducing pain. When the body begins to feel better, so will the mind, which in turn will help to reduce the stress of an individual.
  • Inducing Relaxation – Swedish massages have been linked to a number of positive mental improvements, from helping to reduce anxiety to restoring energy and even improving one’s sleep. General anxiety is, of course, a common cause for stress. Decreasing anxiety through the relaxation of a Swedish massage is an easy way to reduce stress. Stress also often leads to an inability to sleep and a lack of energy, both of which can be improved via a Swedish massage.

Stress is a serious issue that can cause a number of mental and physical problems. Regular Swedish massage therapy has been found to have improved many of the mental and physical issues linked to stress, thereby helping to reduce the overall stress levels of the individual.

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