5 Skin Care Tips to Beating the Winter Blues

It’s still cold outside and the central heating inside is wreaking havoc on the skin. A Day Spa in NYC can help with your skin needs by offering specific treatments to target the areas of concern. Here are some tips to keep skin hydrated, supple, and ready for springtime.

  1. A person’s skin protection routine should not be neglected just because it isn’t summertime. The sun’s rays can be just as damaging in the winter months and sunscreen should always be worn if outside for more than 30 minutes. Skiers and snowboarders need to be extra vigilant on the slopes and make sure that their faces are protected with sunscreen and regularly apply a high SPF chap stick to their lips in order to minimize the damage done to skin from snow glare.
  2. A key way to prevent the drying effect on skin from central heating systems is to use humidifiers, which replace moisture into the air. Sleeping with a humidifier on will ensure that skin stays supple and lips are not dehydrated. The added benefit of a humidifier is that if the air is too dry, sinuses don’t drain and function well, so adding humidity to the air will stave off sinus infections and prevent congestion. There are even humidifiers made especially for people with allergy and asthma symptoms.
  3. It is also best to avoid very hot baths during the winter months because hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin. Lukewarm baths with oatmeal or even simple baking soda help to relieve dry, itchy winter skin. Applying gentle, non-perfumed moisturizing creams can also help to soothe the skin at home.
  4. As everyone knows, wintertime is hard on the hands. Most people suffer from cracked and itchy skin on their hands because the skin on the hands has fewer oil glands and is hard to keep hydrated. The best protection for hands in winter is to wear gloves and it is also recommended to wear thin cotton gloves under harsher wool ones.
  5. Finally, it is important to note that the best regimen for luscious skin can be achieved by seeing a specialist. Dermatologists and the highly trained staff at a spa can all provide the best and most personalized recommendations for an individual’s skincare routine. An example of a Day Spa is Aura Wellness Spa, located in the heart of Midtown on 49 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001. This Korean Asian Spa offers services such as anti-acne and anti-aging facials, Photo Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, and Korean Body Scrub Therapy. The professionals at spas can easily analyze a person’s skin and are certified to recommend the best products that are most suited for individual skin types.

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