A Spa Body Scrub to Help with Diminishing Cellulite

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With the summer just around the corner, everyone is looking to get in shape for swimsuit season. Cellulite is a problem for a lot of women (though not for many men), and something to address this spring. Often, cellulite is genetic – if your mom had it, chances are good you will have it, too.

While it’s not pleasant, cellulite can be made to look less noticeable and existing cellulite reduced with a few simple steps.

A Spa Body Scrub & Other Tips To Combat  Cellulite This Summer

Exercise –This obvious option is one everyone knows. Consistent exercise focusing on the body parts that are most affected is the best – though not always easiest – way to combat cellulite. Toned muscle and skin is less likely to be plagued with cellulite.

Cardio– running, cycling, and hiking – are the prime exercise in the cellulite battle. Toning the hamstrings and glutes, either through targeted exercises or through yoga, is also an excellent way to prevent the dreaded cellulite.

The additional bonus of good health is more than a small perk to diminishing the look of cellulite.

Diet-Eating a diet low in fat and rich in fruits and vegetables can assist in maintaining a healthy weight. A balanced diet is one of the easiest ways to a healthy weight. Toned skin and muscle, and healthy bodies have less chances of developing cellulite (unless you have a genetic predisposition). Drink the recommended amount of water each day – or more. Hydration is important. Your skin needs to have the water to in order to appear supple and glowing.

Exfoliation-Good exfoliaters – such as a spa body scrub – help tone the skin and reduce the appearance of the lumps and bumps of cellulite. Exfoliation can be done at home or in a spa environment with additional treatments.

Dermatologists have suggested that poor circulation can make the appearance of cellulite worse than it really is. A spa body scrub can improve circulation as well as reducing cellulite.

Scrubs and exfoliaters can be made with tiny beads or with larger bits (such as bits of crushed almonds) to create the buffing source. Using these products daily or every other day can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite and decrease the potential of further cellulite development.

Lotions-There are a number of lotions and creams on the market that help to tighten the skin. Some show results within a few hours. These creams are especially beneficial when used after a spa body scrub.

As you apply the lotions, rub them into the skin in a circular manner to stimulate circulation. Remember that small actions can have big impacts. Consider visiting a local spa to see what options they have to assist with diminishing the look of cellulite this summer.

Putting all of these tips together can equal a beautiful beach body well before the first rays of sunshine warm your skin.

Spa Body Scrub at Aura Spa

Aura Spa has a spa body scrub solution for cellulite-ridden legs, buttocks and thighs. If you crave a smoother and more luminous skin look this summer, consider a luxe cellulite-reducing spa body scrub treatment with us. Our Korean body scrub treatment is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling more supple and soft than when you walked in. Book your appointment today at (212) 695-9559 or book online. Your best look this summer awaits you!

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