The Best Aqua Therapy NYC Has To Offer Can Help Avoid Injuries This Spring

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The most restorative aqua therapy NYC has to offer can help ward off sports related injuries this spring. As the weather gets warmer, many people begin to spend more time exercising and engaging in outdoor sports activities. Spring is the perfect time to get into better shape and enjoy your favorite active past times. However, this is also the time of year when sports and exercise related injuries spike.

As you become more active, it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself from sprains, pulled muscles and other common injuries. There are several ways to do this. You should always stretch and warm up before beginning any strenuous activity. Another technique that is becoming more popular is hydro therapy. Spending time in the water is not only fun, it can help protect you from many injuries. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek out the most extensive aqua therapy techniques NYC has to offer at your local spa. This is especially true if you want to kick start an exercise program or increase your workout routine this spring.

Aqua Therapy NYC: Beneficial to Everyday Health

Swimming is a healthy form of exercise that’s good for building strength and endurance. What is not as well known, however, is that spending time in the water is itself therapeutic in a number ways, whether you are swimming or not. For one thing, water has a powerful relaxing effect on the body and mind. Simply getting into the water helps you release stress and let go of tension.

The buoyancy of water has a therapeutic effect on the joints and muscles. It actually modifies the force of gravity, so that your whole body is supported by the water. That’s why aqua therapy is so beneficial for seniors and people suffering from chronic illnesses and injuries. It’s common for someone with a condition such as severe arthritis to immediately have greater range of motion and reduced pain when he or she enters the water.

Yet the benefits of aqua therapy extend to everyone, whether you are young or old, healthy or ill. Water is a great way to prepare your body for other types of exercise. It’s also a way to cool down after a workout.

Keeping Your Body Healthy this Spring

When you become more active, following some sensible practices can help reduce the chance of an injury.

  • Increase your workouts gradually. Don’t try to do too much too soon.
  • Always stretch and warm up at the beginning of a workout and cool down at the end.
  • Don’t ignore pain. Learn to tell the difference between “good” and “bad” pain. Good pain is the natural soreness you feel when exercising muscles you haven’t used lately. Bad pain is sudden or severe pain that means you need to stop what you’re doing.
  • Use aqua therapy to relax your muscles and help you avoid injuries.

Schedule the most therapeutic aqua therapy NYC has to offer at Aura Spa today. The Spring/Summer season is in full swing in the city. Don’t allow overexertion or a pesky sport injury to inhibit your time in the sun. Call us today at (212) 695-9559 to kick start something great.