Best Asian Full Body Massage in NYC to Tweak Muscles Post Workout

Korean Massage New York City

The best Asian Full Body Massage NYC has to offer is both restorative and rejuvenating. This intuitive art of healing has been practiced for millennia. Massage therapy is rooted in the human instinct to provide healing in the parts of the body that ache. It is a field that applies this fundamental principle and has evolved it into a science. The term “massage” got its origin from an Arabic word “mass’h,” meaning to squeeze, knead or touch.

Most people utilize massage therapy for such things as relaxation, pain relief, and conditioning. There is little doubt that massage is beneficial for certain health conditions, and more research is being done to establish its scientifically measured efficacy.

What is an Asian Body Massage? NYC Fast-Paced Natives Should Know

The most therapeutic Asian body massage NYC has to offer manipulates the soft tissues and muscles of the body with the aim of achieving their normalization. Primarily, massage comprises of hand movements that may be based on traction. Traction is the act of pulling or drawing or application of a pulling or pressing force. Traction can be applied manually, or, may involve equipment. Traction induces changes in the spinal column and may secondarily affect the soft tissues.

Types of Massage

There are several types of body massage, and may include:

• Swedish massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Reflexology
• Sports massage
• Aromatherapy massage
• Korean massage
• Shiatsu
• Thai massage
• Stone massage
• Asian massage

Massage can have neurological, mechanical, psychological and reflexive impacts. It can be used to relieve pain or adhesion, induce sedation, mobilize fluids, increase muscular relaxation and promote vasodilatation of blood vessels.

Benefits of Korean Massage: New York City the City That Never Sleeps

The best Korean massage New York City has to offer is one that is ripe with revitalization and restorative qualities.  Globally, NYC is known as “the city that never sleeps”. This belief stems from the ubiquitous image of a fast paced native New Yorker maneuvering the mean gritty streets with a “cup of joe” in hand, a newspaper in the other in a “New York minute”. Even a Native New Yorker can reap the benefits of massage therapy and here’s why:

Improved Fluid Movement

The mechanical pressure applied to soft tissues displaces fluids and causes them to move towards areas of little resistance, and in turn they leave the tissues and enter the lymphatic or venous lower-pressure systems. This results in improved fluid movement in the body.

Reduced Edema

The arts of stroking and kneading help to reduce edema. The compression pressure applied changes non-pitting to pitting edema. Apart from mechanical effects, these approaches to massage release histamine, thus inducing superficial vasodilatation to promote the flushing out of metabolic waste products. The result is an increase in the venous return which causes a stroke volume increase.

Improved Circulation

Some evidence indicates that massage increases the contralateral blood flow. This seems to be the most valuable benefit related to fitness. Massage is accompanied by a rise in the interchange of substances between tissue cells and the blood, thus producing an increase in muscle metabolism. Massage maximizes the supply of oxygen and nutrients through the rise in the flow of blood, and helps the body to be rebuilt quickly.

Shortened Recovery Time

An Asian full body massage reduces the recovery time between workouts. During exercise, waste products such as lactic acid and carbonic acid build up in the muscles. Increased muscular circulation promotes the elimination of toxic debris and shortens the time required for recovery.

Prevention and Healing of Injuries

Stretching of the connective tissues through massage helps to improve the circulation and to break down and prevent adhesions. Massage helps in the excretion of nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus, which is necessary for tissue repair.

Boosted Energy

Professionals understand that massage reduces fatigue and eliminates blockage in your body’s meridians (invisible lines of energy). This results in increased mental alertness and keeps you feeling energetic.

Improved Range of Motion

Applying therapy to the joints, muscles and tendons improves the condition of the joints which leads to an increased range of motion and muscle flexibility. The result is improved body performance and power.

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