Benefits of Professional Hot Stone Massage Therapy

using hot stones

Hot stone massage is a wonderful therapy that can help alleviate pain and ease the symptoms of common ailments, like headaches, muscle tension, and poor blood circulation. Although it might be tempting to try hot stone therapy at home on your own, this is actually very dangerous and comes with severe risks. That’s why it’s important to trust a professional to perform hot stone massages in a safe and sanitary environment, while tailoring the treatment to your specific health needs.

What Hot Stones Are Made Of

Most stones used in hot stone therapy are made of basalt because it’s an iron-rich rock that retains heat well. Basalt rocks that come from rivers are preferred because they have been smoothed out over time from water currents. There are specific points on the back, palms, and toes that respond well to hot stones when applied properly to relax muscles and energize trigger points.

Risks of Using Hot Stones Yourself

Although you can look online for tips and lessons on how to use hot stones yourself, there is a high risk of getting burned during a DIY hot stone session. The risk becomes even greater if you heat stones in any way other than a unit specifically designed for this purpose. Although they might be convenient, standard microwaves, crock pots, and hot plates are not suitable for heating stones to place on your body.

Burns can often happen when you use water that is too hot, and the risk of burning is even higher among people who are under 18 and older adults who have thinner skin. It’s also essential that hot stones are properly sanitized with an antibacterial and antiviral agent to avoid the risk of infection and bacterial growth.

Benefits of Professional Hot Stone Massage

If you want to experience the health benefits of a hot stone massage, it I always best to see a professionally trained therapist. Professionals are trained in the effects of pressure points and heat, and they know how to strategically place material between the stones and skin.

Therapists are also experienced in monitoring stone temperature during massage and how different ailments dictate the type of type of hot stone massage that will be more effective. A professional hot stone treatment often incorporates elements of Swedish massage or deep tissue massage so you can reap the best benefits of the experience.

Hot Stone Massage NYC

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