The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Stained, discolored teeth may mar your personality and affect your looks. Shiny, sparkling teeth, on the other hand, enhance your looks and add a charming personality. Make your smiles whiter with a session of teeth whitening at Aura Wellness Spa NYC. Teeth whitening comes with an array of benefits for your psychological health as well as appearance.

Yellow, Stained Teeth A Story of the Past: Enhance Your Appearance With Tooth Whitening

Take your smiles to the next level with teeth whitening at Aura Wellness Spa in Manhattan, NYC. As one of the most conservative esthetic procedures to give a fillip to your personality, teeth whitening gives you cleaner look and a more beautiful smile. With whiter teeth, you can smile better!

It surely is a boost for your self-confidence.

Give your self-esteem a boost with an overall change in your personality when you can flaunt your pearly whites.

Whether you’re going to a date or making a big presentation, you’ll always want to show off your pearly whites for all the good reasons. This is the best thing to happen to you!

Teeth whitening at Asian day spa will alter your appearance for the better by not only de-staining your whites, but also lessening the appearance of wrinkles.

When you are all smiles, it will make you seem friendlier. With a beautiful smile on your face, people will find you more trustworthy than ever. Your pearly whites will tip the scales in your favor wherever you go and give you more reasons to smile.

Experience greater whiteness and brightness of your smile with our teeth whitening procedure that focuses on removing stains caused from foods and beverages, including wine, coffee, berries, tea, etc.

BEYOND™ Natural Teeth Whitening Treatment 60min. / $250

If you have been trying to avoid teeth whitening procedure primarily because of the duration of the treatment, then you can feel some respite here. Achieve natural teeth whiteness in just ONE treatment at Aura Wellness Spa. This is a gentle, non-abrasive teeth whitening procedure, which is just perfect for sensitive teeth. The gum friendly “WHITE SPA” teeth whitening treatment leverages the latest teeth whitening technology to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, which will remove years of stains.

Our FDA-approved teeth whitening treatment session promises you guaranteed 2-3 shades lighter teeth, depending on your natural enamel color.

Recommended follow-up maintenance every 6-9 months is all you need to keep your teeth shining sparkling white.

Esthetic Teeth Whitening at Wellness Spa

Cosmetic tooth whitening is one of the fastest growing segments of the health and beauty industry. Aura Wellness Spa uses the BEYOND™ Teeth Whitening System, which brings the latest in cosmetic tooth whitening technology to aesthetic professionals worldwide. In just one hour, clients receiving the Teeth Whitening treatment from their aesthetician can restore their white smile, removing years of coffee, tea, wine stains from your teeth while being gentle and non-evasive on your gum and enamel.

Aura Spa’s BEYOND™ Whitening Accelerator delivers powerful whitening results to clients in simple, comfortable treatments – professional quality, Power Whitening treatments from the aesthetic professional.

Aura Wellness Spa has been noted by media as one of the most esthetically breathtaking spa in New York City to relax and rejuvenate from all stresses. So come over to Aura Spa and let us restore your smile to your brightest white in just 60 minutes!

At Aura Wellness Spa, our skilled therapists will consult with you to create the right Manhattan teeth whitening treatments to address your yellowing teeth concerns.

In addition to our cutting-edge teeth whitening system, we offer everything you need in a centrally located and professional atmosphere in Manhattan. Enjoy our array of therapeutic sessions to enhance your looks and feel better physically and psychologically, from facial spa treatment to massage therapy benefits, the therapeutic grottos, dry and steam saunas, shower and locker facilities.

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