Best Massage for De-Stressing During the Holidays


The holidays can be an impossibly stressful time for some. Fortunately, there’s an answer: the cleansing power of massage can help you to relax and release your pent-up energy. Our highly trained masseuse team can find and eliminate the sources of your stress with ease, and can give you the restoring benefits associated with aromatherapy that have been trusted to ease pain and discomfort for many years. Conveniently located in New York City, our NYC day spa is here to help you unwind from the stress of your daily life.

Shiatsu Massage

Originating in Japan, Shiatsu massage therapy has been a staple of Japanese holistic medicine for centuries. You can enjoy this powerful, ancient massage technique at the hands our capable masseuse team. Using finger pressure and addressing the nerves that control the body’s energy flow, this technique will release the body’s hidden energy and help prevent disease. Shiatsu can also help the body to flush out toxins that cause long-term damage to the body’s tissues. Cleansing the body of toxins is vital as certain artificial substances can build up in the body and eventually lead to cancer.

What are the benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy, you ask?
– Detoxification of toxins
– Stress relief
– Muscular tension release and full body relaxation
– Increase body agility
– Re-energize the mind and body

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage technique may seem unusual, but is a powerful method to remove stress and restore bodily equilibrium. In ancient times, volcanic stones from mineral springs were used to provide soothing massages: today, our masseuses use similar methods to improve blood circulation, release toxin, relieve physical pain and even promote deep muscle tissue growth. Hot stone massage can also calm the mind, and aid in better sleep: the heat application to major muscle groups helps shake out lactic acid, a substance that gathers in muscles during exercise or stressful experience.

Many different stones are used in modern times to help release stress and discomfort. The stones are a variety of different sizes and can be used to address deep muscle pains, tensions and other intramuscular issues.

Aroma Therapy Massage

Aroma therapy helps to alleviate pains and aches using anti-inflammatory ingredients in the massage, as well as enhancing an overall sense of well-being. This tried-and-true massage technique uses aromatherapy oils to work refreshing substances into your skin and tissue, creating a full-body sensation of relief and relaxation. Aromatherapy also creates positive sensations throughout the nervous system, allowing you (and any guests you may bring along!) to experience full, deep release of pent-up daily stresses.

– Removes anxiety throughout the body
– Induces a good night’s sleep.
– Relieves muscle tension
– Helps to combat insomnia
– Stress is reduced!

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