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Looking to restore youthfulness to your skin? Perhaps you love silky soft skin. Ever wondered how you can repair the dullness and restore your fresh, silky skin? One way to restore hydrated silkiness to the skin is body scrub treatment. A body scrub treatment at Wellness Spa in NYC can exfoliate the skin, leaving it silky smooth and feeling fresh, moisturized, and soft.

Skin Rejuvenation: Asian Style Exfoliating Full Body Scrub

Do you know what it takes to maintain a healthy looking skin? Well, there are dead skin cells that should be removed to restore its silky smooth glow. It is here that a full body exfoliation therapy can come in handy, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, smooth, and soft.

Reinvigorate your way to silky smoothness with a body scrub treatment at Korean Massage NYC facility. The Asian-style exfoliating full body scrub treatment removes the toughest grime and toxins from the top layer of your body, so it can feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Reap the Benefits of a Korean Body Scrub Treatment While Relaxing in Full Spa Style

A thorough body scrubbing treatment at a Korean spa is no less than an ultimate body exfoliation therapy. Your skin is a remarkable organ, which may become uneven, dry, and rough over a period of time. Sometimes your lifestyle and dietary habits can leave your skin feeling rough and dull.  Getting rid of the outer layer will unclog the pores and rejuvenate the skin. For guests with acne outbreaks, the Korean scrub treatment can be a purely healing session to restore the glow and get a flawless skin.

Before the actual therapy begins, you will enjoy a short therapeutic steam session in our dry sauna (grottos). This initial session prepares the skin and softens it enough for exfoliation, which makes removal of the dead skin layer easier when the scrub treatment begins.

Taking leaf from the Korean spa body scrub treatment style, we use a traditional mitt towel to exfoliate the skin.

In this vigorous, full-body exfoliation therapy, the therapist scrubs and splashes warm water simultaneously on your body, so you are encouraged to bring your own swim wear if you feel more comfortable. We also have disposable underwear available for your comfort.

Touted to be one of the best body scrub treatments, Korean scrub therapy is just the perfect treatment for a dull looking skin.

  • Nourish your skin with a body scrub session at the Aura Wellness Spa NYC. The focus of the session is to remove the surface skin layer and reveal the underneath layer.
  • This brisk skin scrub will improve blood circulation, with the healing touches helping cleanse your skin and stimulate the lymph system. Your entire body will thank you for this rejuvenation experience, not to say, you will look brighter and feel silky when the thorough-cleansing ritual comes to an end.
  • The deep cleansing experience is purely rejuvenating, replenishing, and addictive, lifting the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to the skin.

Korean Body Scrub Treatment at Wellness Spa NYC: 60min. / $130

While the exfoliating effects of the full body Korean scrub may leave your skin feeling a little tender at first, the benefits are well worth it.

Add to the body scrub experience a light oil body massage & a nourishing milk rinse, and you will feel as fresh as ever. The rejuvenating and reinvigorating experience is certainly unmatched.

Ensure that the invigorating goes from toe to the tip of your head by adding to your Korean Body Scrub. This optional addition adds in 30 minutes of pure pleasure to cleanse and invigorate your scalp, a mini oil massage, a fresh cucumber mask and a rinse off with milk.

Aura Wellness Spa offers the best body scrub treatments in a centrally located and professional atmosphere in Midtown Manhattan. Along with our Korean Body Scrub, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our massage therapy, the best back facials in NYC, dry and steam saunas, shower and locker facilities at our Korean Day Spa in Manhattan.

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