Couples Massages Are Good For Your Relationship

couples massage nyc

Looking for some form of rejuvenation? Are feeling stressed from the daily stresses of life? Worry not! There is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than a couples massage session, which promises to provide you with ultimate bliss. Imagine getting those relaxing massage strokes along with your partner, spouse, or significant other. Whether you are in the throes of early romance or married for a good number of years, couples massage at wellness spa NYC is the way to go. Enjoy a rejuvenated, blissful session to relax your mind, body, and spirit and strengthen your relationship.

Get a Couples Massage at Korean Spa NYC

Wondering how does a couples massage work? Well, a simple human touch can help release oxytocin hormone in your body and bring down the level of stress hormone cortisol. The release of oxytocin provides an amazing kind of relaxation for the body and mind. As a result, the stress hormone quiets down, bringing down your blood pressure. The body feels relaxed and emotionally less reactive.

This is how simple couples massage session can help repair your relationship during stressful times. Not only this, the emotional calming can create greater openness and flexibility and restore a sense of connection and relaxation. When you feel safe and relaxed, you become more loving and generous.

Couples Massage at Asian Massage NYC: Strengthen Your Bond

A relaxed spa setting is all you need to enjoy a blissful massage with your partner, right? This is exactly what you get at Spa Aura. The serene spa setting at our wellness massage center provides couples with a safe haven to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate while enjoying a therapeutic session in the valuable presence of your significant other.

Couples Massage: Relax together at Aura Spa

A massage is often considered a luxury, and if it is performed in the presence of your beloved, the benefits are sure to accrue immediately. When you take time out of your busy schedule to spend some valuable time together, the benefits from couples massage double.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety that often hurts relationships
  • Improved health – Better digestion, better sleep, reduced muscle and joint pain, better circulation, improved range of motion, and detoxification
  • Kindle positive thinking to deal with stressful times
  • Show you care
  • Expression of love
  • Improve bonding

The best reward of a couples massage at wellness spa NYC is that you can make your partner feel loved and relaxed.

When you take a side-by-side massage with your significant other, both of you will enjoy an uplifting and reinvigorating experience.

The Couples Massage at Asian Massage NYC Advantage

A couples massage session is exactly what you need to get insight into your romantic relationship, strengthen your bond, and improve relationship satisfaction with your significant other.

If you find yourself constrained for time for a relaxing massage session, Aura Spa can arrange special packages for couples massage, you can together unwind, relax, and enjoy time with one another. We provide a private suite and sauna with our couples packages, with three levels of 60-minute service, including

  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Body scrub

You may avail a hot stone massage for an extra charge.

  • Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour experience with the Crystal Package, choosing 1 service of the couple’s choice.
  • Unwind along with your better half with our unique offering as part of the Jade Package, which offers 2 services of your choice
  • Experience a rejuvenated you with all the three services as part of the Aura Package. The 4-hour session is exactly what you need to spend a relaxing therapeutic session with your significant other.

Aura Spa is open every day of the week from 10 AM to 2 AM, so no matter how busy life gets or what hours offer a couple the most convenient time for this rewarding experience, Aura Spa is there to help. You can book your couples massage at Aura Wellness Spa NYC online and select the package of your choice, the date and time that would work best for you, and you can even add special comments to ensure you have an optimal experience.