De-Stress With Aqua Therapy in NYC

What Is Aqua Therapy in NYC?

Aqua therapy is a form of therapy that uses water to relax muscles, sooth body pain and relieve stress. Water jets and vibration technology are used to knead the body to help relieve tension and promote relaxation. Currently aura spa offers two forms of water massage therapy, spa jet and derma life spa Oceana.

Spa Jet and Derma Life Spa Oceana, What is the difference?

The Spa Jet experience includes a body scrub and a mud mask made from natural extracts. The hydrotherapy massage bed system is great for slimming, detoxification, dermal hydration and the reduction of cellulite

Dermalife Spa Oceana is more like an aromatherapy bath that includes a water jet massage to fight fatigue and alleviate sore muscles. The bed used water vibration, color relation and a natural mineral mist to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Who Should Use Aqua therapy In NYC?

Aqua therapy can be enjoyed by everyone. However, there are certain individuals who can obtain exceptional benefits medically and therapeutically from this treatment. Those individuals are:

  • Athletes
  • Those with muscle tension or back or joint pain
  • Those wanting to look slim for a big night
  • Individuals with a busy life suffering from large amounts of stress
  • Those with sleep problems
  • Unhealthy individuals in need of detoxing
  • Those with poor circulation
  • Individuals with respiratory ailments like asthma, congestion or even bronchitis
  • People with immune system deficiencies and digestive problems

Is It Affordable?

Yes. We charge 75 dollars for the Dermalife spa Oceana which lasts 45mins and 100 dollars for the spa jet which is an hour. These treatments are less expensive than even getting a massage at most spas in the same time increments. Therapeutic grottos, dry and steam saunas are also available to you during your aqua therapy appointment to add even more relaxation to your spa experience. Packages are available for individuals and couples and as well as day spa specials for groups and parties.

Let Aura Wellness Spa Help You Unwind With Aqua Therapy

If you think you can benefit from aqua therapy at NYC’s Aura Wellness Spa, contact us for an appointment. Our flexible hours are made to accommodate even the busiest of schedules as we are open from 10am to 2am, seven days a week. Book online or by calling 212 695 9559.