Does Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Actually Work?

We all want to stay young and vibrant, but aging is a fact of life. However, many people take measures to look younger by using anti-aging products, therapies and remedies as well as anti aging facial treatment NYC favors – but do these measures actually work?

Sunscreen, Hydration and Diet

A powerful start in preventing the effects of aging and premature wrinkles is reducing sun exposure and using sunscreen regularly. Doing so fights the skin effects that do the most damage and cause people to look older than their years. A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is also crucial.

However, there other products and treatments that can assist with other areas of aging like sagging, wrinkling and brown spots. These include:


Antioxidants can assist with blocking cellular damage from harmful free radicals both inside and out. Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and leafy greens as well as omega 3s can make a profound difference in cellular repair and improving the look of the skin.

However, there are also products that can repair skin damage from sunlight and chemicals exposure. These products help to firm up the skin and make it more radiant. Topical creams that contain green tea or pomegranate extracts are some examples.

Products That Contain Retinol

The form of Vitamin A called retinol is considered the gold standard in anti-aging treatments. It is available over the counter as well as in prescription strength. Retinol assists with cell turnover in top skin layers, improving skin tone while decreasing wrinkles.

Chemical Treatments

Other effective active ingredients in skin care treatments include alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) like glycolic, citric, lactic and mandelic acids. These can erase fine lines in the top layer of the skin and can be effective if used sparingly. Compounds called peptide amino acids can assist with signaling skin molecules to heal, softening wrinkles. Estrogen can assist with maintaining skin’s firmness and decreasing pore size.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Facial Rejuvenation, sometimes called Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy, is an anti aging facial treatment NYC trusts. It uses wavelengths of light for deep, rejuvenating treatment of the skin. It penetrates deeply without being too invasive and can reduce the signs of aging from sun damage or other exposure.


Microdermabrasion is another anti aging facial treatment NYC residents favor. It refers to a spa skin exfoliation treatment to help release the top layer of dead skin cells. It reduces the signs of aging and helps to even skin tone in those who suffer from hyperpigmentation. The skin is polished, pore size is reduced and skin takes on a dewy radiance.

We all want to look our best and retain that youthful glow as long as possible, and anti-aging treatments can help. The solutions discussed here can be a powerful part of an anti-aging regimen, especially if combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.