Does Swedish Massage Slow the Aging Process?

The Problem of Scar Tissue

Can the fine art of massage help slow the process of aging? Although we all experience aches and pains, many people may not realize that these feelings of discomfort actually signal the breakdown of our muscular system. Every time we injure ourselves, our body responds by mending the affected area. However, after our body repairs itself, some scar tissue may remain at the site of the original injury. Since scar tissue is thick and inflexible, these scarred areas on our muscle fibers decrease our range of movement by constricting the natural stretching and contraction motions of our muscle groups. Aura Wellness spa is an expert at combating these aches through Swedish massage therapy in Manhattan.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage professionals can help you maintain your muscle health. You may be curious as to what a Swedish massage is precisely. Did you know your muscles have a memory? Your masseuse can help your muscles remember what it feels like to be relaxed and flexible. Swedish massage is the best known type of massage in the U.S., and it is a perfect technique to maintain your muscle health. Deep tissue massage, which is another form of Swedish massage, can help even further to eliminate muscle pain.
At Aura Wellness spa, professional will practice his or her art that is based upon the sciences of anatomy and physiology. Your masseuse has an extensive knowledge of your muscle systems and how to affect positive change and relaxation within your body through massage. Regular massage will lengthen your muscles by passively stretching the fibers. Also, your masseuse is able to manipulate and move your muscles in ways that combat the daily strain we place upon our bodies. Not only is stress detrimental to your muscle’s health, but it also contributes to aging and affects your overall health negatively. Your massage will melt away your stresses, aches and pains.

Furthermore, massage has been shown to increase circulation. As we age, our cardiovascular system can suffer, which means less richly oxygenated blood is circulated through our entire body. By utilizing his or her knowledge of anatomy, your masseuse will create strategic pressure along various tissue systems, facilitating increased blood flow.

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Massage is definitely an important part of your anti-aging, healthy living lifestyle. Combined with a healthful diet, adequate hydration and exercise, as well as plentiful rest, you will be feeling at your personal best! Don’t delay in scheduling the best Swedish massage therapy in Manhattan. The only thing you have to lose is years of accumulated, chronic pain!

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