Effects of Sun Damage to Your Skin

Everyone wants to have younger, healthier-looking skin, and while you cannot completely stop the aging process, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent it. One of the elements that damage our skin more than anything is ultraviolet rays from the sun. The sun can have various damaging effects on your skin, including expediting the aging process and even leading to types of skin cancer that can be fatal. By taking the appropriate NYC anti-aging treatments, though, you can reduce the amount of damage that your skin incurs from the sun and help keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Most of the types of damage that is associated with the skin can be attributed to sun damage. Of course, some skin damage can also be associated with smoking, which also expedites the aging process and leads to more fine lines and wrinkles earlier on than you might have had them if you didn’t smoke. Just as smoking is a preventable type of damage, so are many types of sun damage.

The way that the sun damages the skin is by the ultraviolet rays soaking into the skin and depleting it of moisture and damaging the elastic fibers that keep the skin tight and firm, preventing wrinkles and fine lines from developing. Those same ultraviolet rays can also lead to liver spots, also known as age spots that tend to develop on your skin over time. The number of wrinkles that you develop as well as their intensity is influenced by how much sun exposure you have had over the years and what measures, if any, you took to help prevent the damage from occurring. While you can’t necessarily reverse years of damage, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent further damage from occurring.

Some of the tactics that you can employ to prevent further sun damage from occurring include the following:

  • Do not bathe in the sun or in tanning beds. Exposing yourself directly to the sun is directly damaging your skin. Although you might like the way a suntan appears, any type of tan means that your skin has been damaged.
  • When you are in the sun, always wear sunscreen that is SPF 15 or greater, and keep the sunscreen applied every 4 to 6 hours as directed. Apply the most sunscreen lotion to your hands and face, as these are the areas that are the most exposed to the sun. Additionally, you might want to consider wearing a hat that has a brim to cover your face.
  • Avoid the sun during the hottest parts of the day when the ultraviolet rays tend to be at their most potent points. The time frame between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. is when the sun’s rays are at their strongest points and will inflict the most damage on your skin, even when you take the appropriate measures to apply sunscreen.

In addition to taking the appropriate measures to keep the sun from damaging your skin, you can also benefit from getting an anti-aging facial treatment has to offer. Facial and spa treatments are designed to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, keeping it looking rejuvenated and smooth. When used in conjunction with not smoking and the proper sun care regime, it can significantly help prevent the progression of fine lines and wrinkles.

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