Exciting Winter Specials at Aura Wellness Spa

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If you want to have a soothing and pleasant experience, a visit to a wellness spa can always make a wonderful choice. If you want to have a soothing and pleasant experience in the company of the person who is the most important to you in the world, then it can be a great idea to opt for a nice couples massage. What better way is there to bond with that special someone in your life, anyway? Not only are massages relaxing and excellent for doing away with stress and tension in your mind and body, but they’re also great for  bonding purposes.

If you’re interested in couples massages, then a visit to our day spa in New York, may make a fantastic option for you, to say the least. Aura Wellness Spa in New York City is an acclaimed destination that’s ideal for those who want to revel in tranquility for a couple hours or so. Whether you’re interested in revitalizing body scrubs, in facial treatments, in massage therapy, in therapeutic grottoes or in any number of other spa services, we make a stellar option for you. This winter, we’re offering a number of exciting and affordable spa promotions and winter specials for clients. If you’re someone who can’t resist a fantastic and budget-friendly deal, you’ll definitely want to look into our choices in specials.

Couples Massage NYC: Spa Promotions This December

We’re offering a wonderful “Private Suite Deal” for couples this winter. If you want to take it easy and pamper yourself with your loved one, this special is definitely suitable. If you opt for the “Crystal” plan, you can choose to have a facial, massage or body scrub with your partner. While facials can be terrific for beautifying the skin on your face, body scrubs can do the same for your physique. If you opt for the “Jade” plan, you can choose to have two of those specific treatments. If you opt for the “Aura” plan, last but not least, you and your partner get the chance to experience luxury and have all three treatments. If you covet skin that feels soft and smooth and also want to take it easy with a massage, the Aura plan is definitely something you need in your life, pronto. While the Crystal and Jade plans take two and three hours respectively, the Aura plan requires a total of 4 hours. A couples massage spa package makes a thoughtful holiday gift.

Another winter special we’re offering here at Wellness Aura Spa is a combination of microdermabrasion and a pleasant “choco-coco” mask. If you suffer from lackluster or greasy skin and wish to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pores, then this special may just be right up your alley. Microdermabrasion can do wonders for the health of the skin. If you want a glowing complexion that looks fresh and rejuvenated, this special can help you greatly. Microdermabrasion can boost collagen production and enhance the texture of your skin. The last step of this special involves a lovely cocoa mask that’s excellent for moisture purposes.

If you want more information on our fantastic winter specials, contact us at Aura Wellness Spa today for more information. Our couples massage special is a steal! Call us today at 212.695.9559.