What to Expect During a Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on the feet, hands, and ears of the patient. There are many reasons to get a reflexology treatment due to the benefits it offers.

Some of the reasons to get a reflexology massage at Aura Spa, a popular day spa in New York City include stress reduction, pain amelioration, and an increase in energy. Reflexology involves the gentle kneading of the feet or other areas of the body in a slow manner and is very soothing, leading to increased levels of relaxation as a result of the treatment. The reason that reflexology is deemed to be effective for pain reduction is due to the theory that pain and illness is the result of obstruction’s in the body’s energy meridians. When a reflexology practitioner performs massage on the feet, hands, or ears, it stimulates the nerve endings in these areas and helps to subtly unblock energy.

Overall, the experience of reflexology massage has the effect of increasing stimulation to the digestive and circulatory systems, resulting in improved energy levels as toxic buildup are released. Reflexology can be a helpful complementary therapy for a variety of chronic conditions including diabetes, sinus problems, cardiovascular disease, headaches, asthma, anxiety disorders, and premenstrual syndrome.

What to Expect

Those who are considering a reflexology massage should be aware of what to expect during their visit to a practitioner. Every reflexology practitioner will perform a basic health intake on all prospective patients to make sure that reflexology therapy is appropriate for their concerns. Based on the specific health concerns of the patient, the practitioner will decide to massage the feet, hands, or ears, or all three if necessary. Treatment on the feet will require patients to lie down, and often the feet will be washed or soaked in warm water. Typically the practitioner will start with the patient’s toes and knead and massage down the foot from there. If the hand is being massaged, the reflexologist will begin with the tips of the fingers and work down toward the hand. Often the underside of the hand or foot is massaged first, and then the top is worked. A well-trained reflexologist will be sure to get all of the target points of the body to ensure that all areas of the body that are affected by the energy congestion, including the internal organs, muscles, nerves, and bones experience benefits.

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Reflexology sessions last anywhere from half an hour to an hour, and normally patients are encouraged to communicate with the practitioner about how the treatment is making them feel. Relaxation is a common experience, as is a greater awareness of the body’s subtle energies. When the session is finished, the practitioner of reflexology massage in NYC will find a soothing, relaxing way to close the session, such as massaging the hand or foot. Call (212) 695-9559 to schedule an appointment with one of our trained specialists. The Spa is located at 49 West 33rd Street (between Broadway and 5th Avenue) in Manhattan.