Get Beyond Beautiful with Teeth that are Beyond White

Perfect Teeth Start with Spa Aura’s Beyond Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone these days is striving for the “perfect smile” and now you can have it too and you don’t have to be a millionaire to do so. Over time teeth can start to yellow and get dingy from years of eating and drinking foods of darker pigments even if we practice proper oral hygiene. Partaking in the consumption of berries, wine, tea, coffee, cola and smoking can stain your teeth, aging your appearances and giving others the impression of a poor oral hygiene routine.

How Does the Beyond Teeth Whitening Treatment Work?

This teeth whitening treatment is fast, taking only 60 minutes of your time so you can fit it into your day or even your lunch break. The whitening accelerator lamp speeds up the process tolessen the time it will cut into your schedule and minimize any chance of experiencing tooth sensitivity. You can get your teeth whitened in the same amount of time you would spend getting a massage, manicure/pedicure, or facial.

Aura Wellness Spa uses Beyond teeth whitening system. The whitening accelerator delivers powerful whitening in just one visit soy that you receive maximum results in minimal time. In one visit you can whiten your teeth up to 2-3 shades lighter depending on the teeth’s natural color of enamel. The suggested follow up maintenance is minimal, every 6-9 months. Proper diet and oral hygiene will also help prolong your teeth’s whiteness.

Is it safe?

Yes! The Beyond teeth whitening treatment is gentle on teeth and gums and since the procedure is so quick the chance of feeling any sensitive is minimal.

Try adding a teeth whitening treatment onto one of your other visits for a truly beautifying experience!

Get The Smile You Want Now!

If you are starting to feel self-conscious of your smile, you are not alone. Daily coffee drinking, red wine and food that are dark in pigment all contribute to a natural progression your teeth’s superficial deterioration. To book your teeth whitening treatment call 212-695-9559. For your convenience Aura Wellness Spa is open seven days a week from 10am to 2am.