History of Hydro Massage Methods: Water Jet Massage

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Water jet massage therapy is proven to be instrumental to wellness and rehabilitation, and is generally seen as preferable, healthy alternatives to chemical medication. Hydro massage is a method of massage therapy which relies of the right application of water pressure to problematic areas on the body. This method of massage is rooted in centuries of tradition and has beneficial results. In its modern form, hydro massage is made available in spa locations nationwide.

Modern water jet massage has its foundations in Ancient Greece and Rome, where the concept of the bath house and luxurious massage first enjoyed mass popularity. Later, in the 18th century, A.D., pumped and pressurized water was used to treat a variety of conditions in which the redirection of water retention away from the head and into other parts of the body was necessary. In the modern world, the use of hydro therapy and massage has been in steady use since the 1960s, when alternative approaches to medicine began to thrive. Now, we see hydro therapy and water jet massage practices being used in everything from general massage, to treatment of sports’ injuries, to management of chronic pain issues such as arthritis.

Aqua Therapy NYC: Water Jet Massage

The best aqua therapy NYC has to offer provides state-of-the art facilities. These luxurious spas are opening all over the country, and offer substantial benefits to their clientele with advanced water therapy technology by use of water jet massage. Aura Spa, located in the heart of midtown Manhattan offer the most relaxing and rejuvenating aqua therapy NYC has to offer. These massage-based treatments remedy tired and achy muscles and afford Clients with a relief of stress, both mentally and physically. Discomforts associated with pain, tension, inflammation of muscles and tissues, and pregnancy can all be substantially reduced and more effectively managed by massage. Mobility, flexibility, posture, circulation, and immune systems are all significantly improved through water jet massage treatments.

There are many different types of massage therapies which can be tailored to suit the patient’s individual needs. Swedish and shiatsu massage focus on overall relaxation and muscle treatment. Hot stone therapy can be used to zero in on specific, problematic areas and can also provide an almost immediate sense of stress relief. Reflexology works through the synergy which every part of your body maintains through reflex points in one’s hands and feet. All of these can be used alone or in tandem with other methods, and even in combination with other types of treatments such as acupuncture and aromatherapy.

Hydro massage therapy is a bit different, in that it can be accomplished without the direct involvement of a therapist. Hydrotherapy massage bed systems are designed to surround one with pressurized water jets in a bath. The jets are programmed to work on all areas of the body, invigorating the patient as he or she enjoys a soothing body scrub with a body mud of natural extracts. The DermaLife water pod is similar, encasing the patient in a water therapy enclosure. Combined with aroma therapy, the jets of the water pod help to reduce any soreness and general fatigue one might be suffering.

Aqua Therapy NYC

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