Especially in today’s digital world, couples can be together, yet still completely unconnected

Imagine this: A couple, supposedly in love or serious like, is deeply in conversation. Yet, these people are simply talking in the presence of each other and not interacting, engaging or connecting because they are both preoccupied– either with the events of the day, or with the constant onslaught of information, colors and noises brought on by today’s digital age.

In fact, a 2010 study by The Annandale Center for the Digital Future revealed that over the last decade the amount of time family members in Internet-connected households spend in shared interaction dropped from an average of 26 hours a week to less than 18 hours. Meanwhile, complaints of being ignored at times by family members using the Internet soared.

A Couple Massage provides couples with

  • The opportunity to “turn off the world.” Couples connect on levels that are more than activity related — in a quiet setting with no distractions or interruptions. By the way, this is also a good way to connect with people you don’t get to see often, such as a family member who lives on the other side of the country.
  • The opportunity to “let go.” No relationship really just includes two people, because each and every one of us brings baggage into the relationship–experiences from the past, misunderstandings, incorrect perceptions, boundary issues, self-esteem problems, and more. All of these can keep you from developing healthy, fulfilling associations, which are cornerstones of optimal well-being.

We tend to hang on to these things but when given the opportunity to let go together, people are empowered to get rid of toxic thoughts and memories.

  • Increased Oxytocin. This very powerful hormone acts as a brain neurotransmitter and it encourages bonding and affection, healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries. In fact, sometimes oxytocin is even referred to as the “cuddle hormone.”
  • Overall health benefits: Massage has been proven to decrease cortisol levels while increasing endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

Cortisol is that well-known stress, “fight or flight” hormone that is responsible also for expanding waistlines and can even cause things like adrenal fatigue; endorphins are natural painkillers; serotonin and dopamine, both neurotransmitters, are those “feel-good” hormones. Dopamine also assists with focus, coordination and movement.

Massage also increases blood flow to the muscles, resulting in them healing faster. Other health benefits include slower heart rates, reduced blood pressure and easing of distress caused by migraines, labor pains and even some cancers.

In fact, there was a study carried out by the American Psychiatric Association where a group of adolescent bulimic inpatients received massages over a significant period. After a massage, the girls experienced reduced anxiety, depression, decreased levels of cortisol and increased levels of dopamine.

  • Muscular System Benefits: Include improved posture, blood circulation, breathing, removal of toxins and regeneration of tissue. It can provide relief to chronic pain associated with muscles and connective tissue that occur with overuse and scar tissue.
  • Lymphatic System: This system plays an essential role in filtering and removing toxic waste while transporting white blood cells around the body to fight infection; in fact, it’s so important that some physicians will explore a person’s lymphatic system first when seeking to diagnose a problem.

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