How to find a great Spa Massage

One of our clients once compared the spa experience to shoe shopping. She explained that you may like them all, but there’s always one shoe that you fall in love with, the one that’s special from all the others.

It’s the same thing when looking for a spa massage. You need to examine the entire package—personnel, cleanliness, decor—to see what sets it apart from the others.

That’s why we do everything to see that our clients are relaxed and happy, with a luxurious, modern decor that includes grottoes, a relaxation lounge, juice bar and saunas. So that everyone can enjoy our services, we are ADA compliant.

The most detailed massage spa experiences at Aura Wellness Spa

At Aura Wellness Spa, you’ll get one of the most detailed massage spa experiences you’ll ever have. Our trained massage therapists will use the right techniques and pressure to ensure that each client will enjoy the best massage therapy benefits for their needs. You’ll get just the amount of pressure—for you.

Here are some basic things all massage clients should look for:

  • CLEANLINESS: Remember, you’re probably not the first person this therapist has seen today so make sure they wash their hands well before and after each client. Look at the sheets on the massage table. Are they wrinkled? Can you see stains? If anything is dirty, ask that they correct it, or leave. It’s that simple. Any therapist that doesn’t care about him or herself, or the environment they work in, is probably not a good choice for you.
    Your first encounter is when you call to book an appointment. Is that person friendly and knowledgeable? Did he or she discuss policies in detail, including cancellation, tipping and even arrival time—particularly important if it’s your first visit to the facility? Did she describe the various types of treatments? Once you’re there, check out the attitude of the massage therapist, because nothing can ruin the experience quite like an unpleasant, abrupt or rude therapist. While you are there to relax, you’ll most likely want minimal conversation; on the other hand, the massage therapist also needs to be courteous, willing to answer your questions and responsive to your needs. Therapists should take their time and address your problems and challenges thoroughly–not rush onto the next client.
  • TECHNIQUE AND KNOWLEDGE: There are many types of massage and they all have different strokes and techniques. The massage therapist needs a basic understanding of this so that he or she can recommend the right one for you, whether it’s acupressure, deep tissue, Swedish or some other technique. The massage therapist also needs to know that some people need, or even require, a more gentle and soft stroke, while others require one that’s deeper. A client told us of a previous experience at another spa, when she was recovering from surgery, and reported it to the massage therapist—to no avail. “It was the most painful experience, and I kept asking her to lighten up but she wouldn’t. I couldn’t wait for the massage to be over. She probably could have cracked walnuts with her bare hands. ” Luckily, she decided to give massage another chance—and was pleased with her experience with us.
  • ATMOSPHERE: Is the room clean? Is it cluttered? Does it smell like smoke? Is there music playing? What kind of music? A comfortable atmosphere is imperative to massage. Remember, your main goal during the massage is to relax.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: It’s always ideal if the spa is suggested to you by someone who has already had a great experience there!