Korean Massage at Aura Wellness Spa

Whether you reside in New York City full-time, are visiting just for a long weekend, or simply frequent your second home here in the City several weeks each season, there is one NYC experience that every resident, visitor, and jet-setter swears by – the authentic Korean Massage at NYC’s Aura Wellness Spa. While the Aura Wellness Spa is uniquely open 7 days a week until 2 AM and offers an array of services, products, and experiences for individuals, couples, and private parties, it is their famous Korean Massage that makes this Spa a mainstay on every NYC visitor’s “To Do” List.

Korean Massage at Aura Wellness Spa

Why is the Aura Wellness Spa regarded as NYC’s best-kept-secret for the best Korean Massage? There’s lots of reasons. Perhaps first and foremost, the staff at the Spa is professional, experienced, personable, and formally-trained. While it is their goal to ensure you are completely comfortable, calm, and carefree during your Korean Massage, every massage therapist at the Spa works with the utmost integrity, safety, and professionalism in mind. Proper techniques, pressures, and modalities are adhered to for each massage, for every client.

In addition to a professional staff providing an exceptional service, another reason the Aura Wellness Spa is the “go to” Spa for a Korean Massage is for its aesthetic appeal. Going to the Aura Wellness Spa for a Korean Massage is like going to the Louvre in Paris to behold da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, venturing to Italy for a dinner of mushroom pesto lasagna, or traveling to Arizona to see the famous red rocks of Sedona; getting a Korean Massage at the Aura Wellness Spa is an experience one never forgets and one often wants to repeat. Situated throughout 3 floors, the Spa’s 12,000 square feet offers plenty of space for privacy, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

While the professional and personable staff and serene, welcoming environment are everyone’s answer to how to slow down amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy day of work, shopping, or site-seeing, perhaps it is the overall experience from start to finish that makes this NYC’s most popular and favorite spot for the Korean Massage. Before you have your massage, in fact, you are able to detoxify in the Spa’s grottos and embrace the sensation of their dry and steam saunas.

The Korean Massage at Aura Wellness Spa — it’s the true authentic Asian experience without having to jet-set across the Pacific Ocean.

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