Korean Massage in New York City

Korean Massage in New York City: The Ultimate Rejuvenation

Living in New York City can be stressful. Luckily, Korean massage offers relaxation and rejuvenation, and is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple while recharging the body and mind. There are many techniques utilized in Korean massage. The masseuse utilizes the thumbs, fingertips, and elbows along with reflexology and shiatsu. The results are simply superb. A Korean massage in New York City relaxes one’s tensed up muscles, paving the way for the flow of positive energy throughout the body. True to the Korean belief that the well-being of an individual lies in healthy body and mind, the massage clear the mind and helps promote positivity.

The Benefits of a Korean Massage

In addition to rejuvenating mind and body, there are a large number of beneficial outcomes associated with a Korean massage in New York City. The massage helps reduce and eliminate chronic pains related to tensed up muscles. Many find that massage helps them sleep better, and gives them more energy during their waking hours. Many illnesses are prevented by reducing mental and physical stress. A New York City Korean massage helps one to connect with their subconscious side, helping the individual face the world with a renewed sense of poise.

Any individual of any age can reap the benefits provided by a Korean massage in New York City. The process also includes exfoliation, which leaves one refreshed inside and out. Aspect of the treatment are similar to Japanese massage. Korean massage involves dry massaging, pressure techniques using the fingertips and elbow, reflexology, shiatsu, cupping, and other massage techniques.

Korean Massage: A Brief Background

Originally, Korean massage was used in conjunction with Korean medicine to maintain well-being or treat illness. Along with massage therapy, herbal remedies and acupuncture were also administered. The goal of Korean massage is to maintain a balance of the Um (Yin) and Yang, resulting in an improved flow of positive energy throughout the body. This popular body treatment comes from a holistic view in which one’s mind and body are seen as interdependent on one another. In other words, emotions have a great effect on one’s physical health and the massage therapy is aimed at improving both physical and mental health. Present day Korean massage can also includes infrared sauna therapy which helps to increase blood flow, increase an individual’s metabolism rate, and relieve discomforts such as back and neck pain and headaches.

Korean massage can also include facials, hot stone massage therapy, and other rejuvenating body treatments. Incorporating techniques from Swedish and Thai massage, and Shiatsu, a Korean massage in New York City is both relaxing and reviving.

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