Korean Massage New York City: Schedule ‘Me’ Time

Korean Spa Body Scrub New York City

Nowadays, how much one can accomplish during a given time-frame is important. Spending time to yourself may even be deemed as laziness. Taking time to recharge, de-stress, and rejuvenate should be as routine as getting your oil changed! Everyone needs a “time-out” from the stresses of daily life. Studies have shown that people who regularly schedule time to themselves lead a healthier, happier life! A fantastic way to spend the much needed personal time you deserve is to get the most relaxing Korean massage New York City has!

Korean massages in New York City involve a combination of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and other Asian massage techniques, such as Thai Massage. Korean massage techniques are used in combination to promote positive energy and relaxation of the body. These massage practices have been used for hundreds of years by Buddhist monks, and were purposed to create energy flow throughout the body, positively affecting physical and emotional health.


Korean massages use both light and firm massage and acupressure methods. These techniques are believed to detoxify the body on a cellular level, reducing disease and/or chronic illnesses. Utilizing varying acupressure methods to stimulate the body’s self-healing process is an ancient practice that relieves stress and emotional fatigue.

Thai Massage

Some Korean massages include Thai massage techniques. Generally, this type of massage is where the therapist uses his or her body against the client to stretch and relax the muscles. A Korean massage therapist may use motions of stroking, pulling, and or pushing the client’s back with their feet. This method is meant to stretch out the spine and relieve any compressed or pressurized vertebral discs.


Shiatsu is a practice that creates total body relaxation. Korean massage combines the slow, sustained pressures of Shiatsu practices to energetically work the muscles, and provide a deep-tissue workout. Benefits of Shiatsu techniques include improved circulation, muscle function, and a positive boost to the nervous system.

Hand Massaging

During a Korean massage, you may notice that the therapist focuses a portion of time to work on your hands. Korean medicine recognizes that the hands correspond to certain portions of the body. By spending time massaging the hands, it is believed the whole body is being therapeutically healed.

By combining many effective techniques, Korean massages have a lot to offer. Using ancient techniques to promote healing, positive emotional health, and relaxation, getting a Korean massage in New York City is a unique way to spend some quality ‘you’ time and focus on yourself.

Aura Spa: Korean Massage New York City

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