Massage Spa NYC: Better Joint Mobility

Asian Full Body Massage NYC

The most luxurious massage spa NYC has to offer includes relief from common physical ailments. Since April heralds warmer weather and longer days, most people choose it as the optimum month to begin a new workout routine. This is especially beneficial for those who have allergies or compromised immune systems, as the fickle temperatures in some areas may cause illnesses. You should keep in mind though, that maintaining a healthy body is a work in progress – a marathon, not a sprint.

Reinvigorating Massage Spa: NYC Tips For Increased Joint Mobility

The most beneficial massage spa NYC has to offer includes body treatments such as shiatsu and deep tissue massages for increased circulation and expedited muscle recovery time. Joint mobility is vital because exercising with joints that are too tight or loose can cause serious injuries such as arthritis. This can prevent exercise for months, leading to overall decreased health.

Mind Your Joints

Several simple joint stretches can enhance your exercising experience and keep you safe. For example, neck and shoulder circles are crucial, especially for the majority of us who work in front of computers most of the day. Performing hip and pelvic circles helps distribute the shock to your lumbar discs if you jump rope, participate in kickboxing, or do heavy dance routines involving complicated sequences. Knee circles and stretches are most beneficial for cyclists, while yoga and Pilates work to increase joint mobility in conjunction with building all these muscles and more. Some experts recommend alternating heavy cardio workouts with low-impact, stretching-focused ones for best results.

Don’t Overdo It

some gym-enthusiasts injure themselves because they overdo their workouts. This is especially true during the spring season when orthopedics type injuries spike. A best practice to easing back into a more active lifestyle is to start slowly, especially if you’ve taken a break from the gym over the winter. Focus on renewed energy and a sense of accomplishment rather than calories burned. If you’re taking a class or using a gym, don’t try to compete with the people next to you. Set goals for yourself, but make them realistic. For example, if you can normally complete a workout in 30 minutes, be aware that recovering from sore joints or muscles can set you back 10-15 minutes at first.

If you aren’t sure you’re overdoing it, check your pulse, breathing rate, and talking rate. Every workout period should contain short bursts where you cannot talk comfortably. However, if you can’t speak at all during your workout, you may be overdoing it. You may also be overdoing if your pulse is higher than the recommended heart rate for the activity (check for standards based on your current age and weight). If you’re coughing during exercise, you probably have exercise-induced asthma, which can damage your lungs. In that case, slow down.


Consider an Asian Full Body Massage NYC

The best Asian full body massage NYC has to offer will be sure to help your muscles recover post workout this spring. One of the most important workout components is knowing when your body needs rest. One way to give it rest but stay healthy is the use of massage. An Asian full body massage will help you relax while keeping your muscles and joints limber. Massages can be targeted to problem areas, so if you notice your workout is making certain muscles or joints sore, ask your masseuse for input on healing and prevention.

Spring is a great time to begin or reinstate a workout routine. The most responsible and beneficial workouts are moderate and incorporate cardio, weight training and stretching. Call Aura Wellness Spa at (212) 695-9559 to learn about all the body treatments available to complement your fitness regimen. Book online now!