Massages Can Help Fight Against The Cold And Flu Season

Common Colds and Flu are caused by numerous forms of viruses, the torturous signs and symptoms of viral Flu and the Common Cold are connote by such reactions as itchy nose, sneezing, and running nose. The severe symptoms include high fever and nasal congestion. Some of the measures and precautions to take in order to stay healthy during the Flu season or when infected by Common Cold includes taking plenty of rest, reducing stress, drinking warm drinks, and performing foot baths and taking thieves oil and fresh ginger. Getting a massage is another way to fight the cold and flu season. At Aura Wellness Spa, a popular New York Korean massage Spa that offers a wide range of treatments that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Give your Body a Rest

Whenever fatigue creeps in, it is necessary to deviate from the normal routine and take a deserved rest, a procedure that can dramatically help contain a cold. Taking a break is a natural way to relax the body and reduce high temperatures and anxiety. Decreasing levels of stress also has a positive beneficial effect, since the process frees up the body by cultivating positive energy. Drinking warm drinks, on the other hand, has been shown to rejuvenate the body, by maintaining the optimal homeostasis levels that helps keep the body in the proper frame. Taking cold drinks when you have Flu or Cold can have a negative impact, because of its constricting and fitful effect. Foot baths are known to significantly help eliminate toxins in the body since the foot acts as a macro-system for the whole body through stimulation.

Massage Benefits

Recent studies in alternative medicine have shown that amongst the benefits of massage therapy is the effect it has in boosting the body’s immune system. The Swedish massage has specifically been advance as beneficial to the body’s immunity and hormonal reaction. This massage technique has been proved to relieve pain, and relax muscles and joints. Individuals who have had this therapy have been shown to have a significant reduction in hormone arginine vasopressin, this hormone is tremendously helpful in regulating water retention capacity and blood pressure levels.

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