Ready for a Spa for Couples?

Spas for Couples: What to Expect

A massage has always been considered a restorative luxury for the people who frequent the spas where they are held; a chance to relax as a professional masseuse helps your troubles ebb. In the recent past, people usually preferred to go alone, but that might be because most spas only offered individual massages. Recently, however, spas for couples have become all the rage. Partners consider it a great way to celebrate a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, or just as a chance to reconnect. Since it is a relatively new phenomenon many are unsure of what to expect at a New York City couples spa. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting a spa for couples.


The Massage Setup

A spa for couples is designed to cater to the two people who will be receiving the massage; whether they are friends, acquaintances, lovers, or even siblings. It is not unheard of for light-hearted business meetings or retreats to transpire in the spa, or for old friends to get together to reminisce about college or high-school. A New York couples spa will feature private rooms with two comfortable massage tables and also private showers and saunas. The perfect environment in which to relax and reconnect.

One of the main things to keep in mind and discuss beforehand is the extent to which both individuals wish to relax quietly. Avoid taking a talkative partner if that will dampen the experience. Discussing expectations and preferences is a great way to prepare for the New York couples spa experience!

What to Wear to a Spa for Couples

Some lingering questions about what to expect at spas for couples may be what to wear. This depends on the nature of the relationship, and what both parties are comfortable with. As with the conversation issue, it’s best to discuss this beforehand. The masseuse always professional, allowing the couple to interact as they wish during the massage treatment. Both female and male masseuse can be requested. The goal of a spa for couples is to facilitate the most comfortable environment for both parties so that they can fully relax and enjoy both their time together and the healing benefits of a massage.

This is the perfect time to plan the day at the spa for couples. What better way to spend time with a friend or lover than enjoying a relaxing massage followed by time in Aura Wellness Spa’s full range of steam rooms and saunas? Call Us today at (212) 695-9559 schedule your visit. Please visit our Online reservation page for online bookings.