How to Recover from too much Summer Sun

People who truly enjoy activities like gardening, boating, tanning and other events  spend a lot of their time outdoors. While we all enjoy the beautiful weather, if too much time is spent out in the sun, the skin may not be able to quickly repair itself if damaged. Here is a number of helpful hints ranging from preventative measures to high end Facial Treatments on  how to recover from too much summer sun.

Use sunscreen

For those who have experienced sun damage in the past to their skin, sunscreen is an absolute must. Sunscreen is important for protecting the skin against any additional damage. Some people are just unable to avoid the sun and generally love being outdoors, so avoiding the sun altogether isn’t really an appealing option. Consider looking for products that contain zinc oxide, which is known to improve rosacea and acne issues.

Exfoliate often

Never underestimate the power of regular exfoliation. Removing dead skin cells reduces brown spots. Extra pigment can clump together over the skin in layers over the years. Experts recommend exfoliating anywhere between two and three times a week. Exfoliating too much can be damaging to sensitive skin. It is recommended that one adopt a regimen of exfoliating just once a week if you have sensitive skin.


The best way to repair the skin is to keep it properly nourished. Antioxidants accelerate the skin repair process, which could ultimately prevent cancer from occurring. Antioxidants also protect the collagen and promote elasticity in the skin. Free radicals can lead to wrinkling and premature sagging, which can be caused by getting too much sun. Antioxidants can slow the progression of the problems.

Photo rejuvenation

Sometimes the damage to the skin can be excessive. If this is the case, one should consider taking a look at cosmetic procedures to improve the quality of the skin. Photo Facial Rejuvenation Treatments are used to treat sagging in the skin. Brown spots, scarring and wrinkling in the skin can all be treated using cosmetic procedures like laser photo rejuvenation. Photo rejuvenation also stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

Contact Aura Wellness Spa for your next Facial Treatment

Most people can see substantial improvements in their skin by increasing the amount of antioxidants in their diet. A skin care regimen consisting of antioxidants and regular exfoliation can go a long way in repairing sun damage to the skin. If you want dramatic improvements it may be time to consider a different approach altogether and up the ante by investing in a New York photo rejuvenation therapy and dramatically improve the  condition of your skin. Call Aura Spa at (212) 695-9559 to book a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment today. Don’t let the Sun get in the way of enjoying the warm weather.