Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples in NYC

Romantic Couples Massage


Who says it has to be Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to put a little romance back into your relationship?

But to get into the mood and step away from your hectic schedule, sometimes you need a change of pace and to try something different. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far because New York City is one of the most romantic places on the planet. That’s precisely why so many romantic television shows, movies, and books are based here!

To get out of your rut and rediscover what you love about each other so much, here are a few romantic vacation ideas in NYC.

Browse the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hand in Hand

World-class art museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, help couples slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them and in each other. Hand in hand, take an afternoon to stroll through this grand and impressive museum without looking at your phones or checking the time. The experience will take you back in time to see ancient cultures with your own eyes and appreciate the events that led up to you being together.

Kiss at the Top of the Empire State Building

It’s no wonder why one of the most romantic movie scenes of all time, Sleepless in Seattle, took place on top of the Empire State Building. This iconic NYC structure radiates energy and life, and spending time on the 86th floor observatory deck will breathe all that back into your relationship. Plan this outing for after 10:00 pm on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night to hear the soothing sounds of a live jazz saxophonist.

Indulge in Italian Specialties at Barbetta

Arguably, Italian cuisine is the most romantic food you can find, but don’t settle for just any old pasta dish. Barbetta is the oldest Italian restaurant in New York City, dating back to 1906, and the gorgeous antiques and chandeliers came right from Italy and the royal family. Better yet, Barbetta is in the Times Square Theatre District, so you can catch a performance after dinner.

Take a Carriage Ride Through Central Park

It might sound cheesy and it totally is, but there’s definitely something magical about taking a horse-drawn carriage right through Central Park. You’ll typically find carriages lined up and waiting for you along Central Park South between 5th and 6th Avenues. You can book your carriage ride in advance to a prevent last-minute disappointment, or just walk up to a vacant one without a reservation to embrace the spontaneity of the occasion.

Couples Massage Spa New York City

One of the best things you can do for yourselves as a couple and as individuals is to book a couples massage spa New York City. Aura Wellness Spa is the premier romantic spa NYC that’s the perfect addition to a day or evening in Manhattan. You’ll enjoy a session of therapeutic relaxation together in privacy and experience the pure benefits of many types of massage, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, hot stone, and aromatherapy.

We have three private rooms at our romantic spa NYC Midtown location to encourage one-on-one intimacy without outside distractions. This is wonderful way to try something new while spending time together and restoring your loving bond.