Shake off Winter’s Chill with An NYC Hot Stone Massage


If you’ve ever experienced the relaxation and peaceful serenity that comes from a body massage, you know what an enjoyable treat it is. A source of healing dating back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures over 3,000 years ago, massage is known for its numerous therapeutic benefits. Now, take that ancient ritual to a new level and shake off the chill of winter’s bitter cold by experiencing unique and soul warming New York City hot stone massage therapy. With countless benefits, the modern experience of hot stone massage goes beyond its ancient roots. Discover it for yourself.

The Origins of the Hot Stone Massage

Ancient methods of hot stone massage therapy began from a very basic belief that stones contained healing properties. Spanish healers offered a stone to a woman in labor as it was believed it would help her gain strength and courage, while heated stones were used to relieve aches and pains. The Romans also used stones in saunas and hot immersion baths, then cooled down with marble stones. The Japanese culture draws from its volcanic origins by using volcanic stones called basalt found in nearby springs. Basalt absorbs and retains heat and its smaller shape is ideal for relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

Modern methods of Japanese hot stone massage therapy also utilize smooth basalt stones which are then heated with warm water or a hot steam bath. Various shapes and sizes of heated stones are selected and then placed on your body to relax the muscles, warm the skin and melt your cares away. A sense of calm will envelope you as you are lulled into peaceful serenity. The stones are then used to massage your entire body with just the right shapes and sizes to access your energy points and release tight muscles by using long, firm strokes.

While you will immediately sense the calming and warming effects at the beginning of your treatment, you will also experience the following benefits both during and after your hot stone massage at Aura Wellness Spa:

  • Relaxation of deep tissues
  • Release of body tension and toxins
  • Relief from physical pain
  • Improved blood circulation and energy
  • A calmer mind and better sleep

This winter, treat yourself to a New York City hot stone massage therapy at Aura Wellness Spa. The warmth and healing benefits of the smooth, hot stones coupled with a deep tissue massage will not only relax your body and mind, it will warm your soul.

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