The Best Anti-Aging Facial in New York

Anti-aging facial treatments are a strong trend for more than one reason, but primarily it is because they make you feel and look better. Professional treatments are a treat for you because the guess work is taken out of the process, giving you the ability to sit back and relax.

Our aesthetician will first take the time to assess your skin and provide you with the best choices suited to your desired results. This is a very important step that is often neglected, but is vital to achieve the appropriate outcome.

Aura Wellness Spa Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments, depending on your particular needs, include:

    Mini Facial – For when you are short on time, or simply need a refresher.
    Aura Wellness Spa Signature Facial – The full facial treatment designed to deep clean your pores, deliver a gentle exfoliation, remove blackheads and rebalance your skin.
    Purity, Detoxifying Facial and Rejuvenation – Specially created for individuals who are prone to breakouts, giving a deep pore cleaning combined with anti-inflammatory treatment.
    Brightening – Giving your skin a polish helps to reduce fine lines and the appearance of spots or other discolorations that develop. The use of light therapy is incorporated into the process to produce the greatest results.
    Anti-Aging Photolifting and Rejuvenation – Produces amazing results for firming, collagen production, tightening of pores and better skin tone.
    Lactic Resurfacer – A gentle milk peel that work especially well for individuals who have sensitive skin. It is made to provide the delicate approach that will decrease the signs of aging without irritating the skin.
    Glycolic Resurfacer – One of the most popular and well known peels. This is used to decrease lines, undesired pigmentation and improve the natural production of collagen and elastin for longer results.
    Microdermabrasion– Our professionals provide either crystal dermabrasion or particle-free options. It has been proven to provide excellent results for everything from acne scarring, to blackhead removal, or line reduction.

These Aura therapies are specially designed and administered by our professionals with the priority of keeping your skin looking youthful, healthy, and clear of blemishes, spots or wrinkles. Our goal matches yours in providing you with anti-aging facial treatments that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

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