Three best Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage therapy in New York

Massage therapy in New York is a time-honored technique that does more than help you relax. There are real health benefits to the occasional massage. A day at the spa can lower blood pressure, enable pain management and reduce incidents of migraines. The massage industry teaches various techniques, each one distinctive in methodology and form. Take a look at three of the best massages available and why they will work for you.

Swedish Massage

This is what most people think of when they are planning to get a message even if they don’t know it. This technique provides soft, kneading strokes to key muscle groups. Technicians tap top layers, a move known as tapotement, to promote blood flow. Through a combination of joint manipulation, muscle stimulation and deep circular movements, Swedish massage will relax soft tissue, relieve cramps and reduce muscle tightness

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a specialized technique that works troubled spots on the body. The secret is in the focus. This method concentrates only on problem areas with many of the same movements found in Swedish massage. Therapists apply slow even strokes that stimulate muscles and tendons that lie deep under the skin. Deep tissue massage helps relieve chronic pain, treat injuries and reduce tense areas that trigger migraines

Hot Stone Massage

Combining heat with muscle manipulation makes this technique especially relaxing. Hot stone massage is a variation of the classic that dates back centuries. Technicians take basalt flat stones with smooth surfaces and place them in water for heating. Basalt is a material rich in iron that retains heat. Once the stones reach the right temperature, the therapist sets them on key areas of the body to allow the heat to relax muscles naturally.

Some technicians who specialize in Massage therapy in New York apply pressure to the stones to stimulate blood flow and relaxation. Hot Stone massage is strictly about relaxing the mind and body to lower blood pressure, relieve tension and promote calm.

Massage is something anyone can do, but trained therapists know all the tricks. Many take a slice from each technique and create their own innovative style. Massage is a very personal experience. You should try them all to find the one that suits your needs. A massage will rejuvenate the body and help relieve tension that builds up through day-to-day living.