Tips for Better Blood Circulation

There are many keys to a healthy body and one of the most important is good blood circulation. Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body and then helps to remove wastes from your system. Proper blood circulation helps your body to work more efficiently. Blood circulation is also something that you can be proactive about and take steps to help your body work better. Here are a few suggestions to improve leg circulation and overall circulation to the body.


The foods that you eat play a pivotal role in determining your overall health. A good diet should include foods that are rich in vitamin E as this has been shown to increase blood flow by making it thinner. Foods rich in vitamin E include nuts, pumpkin seeds, fish, avocados and olive oil. Other weapons in your fight for good health include oranges and garlic both of which help to reduce plaque buildup in your arteries which helps blood flow smoothly. Wild caught salmon and avocados are both rich in omega 3 fatty acids which promote proper blood circulation. Finally, since your body and your blood contain a large percentage of water it just makes sense to drink a generous amount of water every day.


A moderate amount of exercise is another key to your good health. Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise but assuming there are no physical reasons to hold you back go ahead and get moving. Daily exercise will help keep your blood circulating and your body healthy. If you are able to join the local gym do so and take advantage of the personal trainers working there. They are there to assist you reclaim your health. Whether or not you join the local gym or just go for a walk it is vital that you get moving.


A massage provided by a professional masseuse not only feels great it is good for your blood circulation too. A proper massage will stimulate the blood circulation through congested areas. Many times poor blood flow is noticed on your extremities like legs and arms. The massaging of that area will actually work the blood through those areas encouraging better flow. This improved circulation will decrease your pain and allow you to move more freely thereby improving your overall health and allowing you to better enjoy your day. A massage will also help by relieving stress which is another major cause of poor blood circulation.

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