Tips For Prepping Your Face Before A Wax

Properly preparing your face before a wax is important if you want to make the most of your New York Facial Treatment and get your money’s worth while taking care of your skin. A few simple tips will ensure that you get a high quality facial wax without creating any skin damage or scars when the process takes place. If you regularly get your face waxed it’s even more important to make this part of your routine.


Allow enough time to occur in between your waxings. Allowing for enough hair growth makes it easier for the beautician to do a good job. One quarter of an inch to half of an inch is appropriate before heading in to the salon. This is usually about three to four weeks depending on the person. Enough hair needs to be present in order for the wax to grab it and remove it. You could risk ripping up the skin.

Inspect Your Face

A clean and healthy face will respond the best to a waxing. You will want to make sure you don’t have any blemishes, cuts or extremely dry skin. You will want to skip any at-home facial treatments you may often do such as exfoliations or peels. Certain situations can also make your skin feel more sensitive during the process of waxing. If you are suffering from PMS or are pregnant this can make your skin feel more sensitive as can ingesting caffeine the morning of your appointment. Also let your beautician know if you use prescription acne creams on your face as this can sometimes make your skin more prone to being damaged by a wax.

The Day Of

On the day of your wax appointment you will want to keep your skin clean and free of any products. A simple cleanser is alright to use that morning but try to stay out of the sun and leave the makeup off.

It’s usually best to have a professional wax your face rather than using an at-home kit. This is because of the risk that is involved with hurting yourself or your skin. A professional has the best products and knows the proper technique to ensure you walk away happy and beautiful. There’s no need for a facial wax to be a painful and unpleasant experience.

Contact Aura Wellness Spa For Your Beauty Treatment

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