The Ultimate New York City Korean Exfoliation

People who find that their skin has begun to feel dry and look dull and unappealing might look into Aura Wellness Spa’s New York City body scrub treatment.

Exfoliation is a fancy word for a technique where the dead cells on the very top of the skin are scrubbed away, along with any old oils, dirt and grime that cling to them. Exfoliation can also stimulate the circulation and the lymphatic system. This leaves the skin more youthful looking and leaves the patient revitalized.

The Korean exfoliation, or body scrub, is gaining more and more in popularity. Many people who’ve had it swear by its benefits and claim that it’s like no other massage they’ve ever had.

These body scrubs are quite common in Korea, and it’s not unusual for people of both sexes to go to a bathhouse for the scrub and a bit of socializing at least once a week. In the United States, these body scrubs are done by massage therapists in spas.

Before the massage even begins, the client takes a brief soak in a tub or sits in a sauna to soften his or her skin. After that, the client is taken to the massage table, where the therapist scrubs them down with special mitts and warm water. This allows dead skin cells to be stripped off. During the session, the client’s eyes may also be soothed with slices of cucumber and his or her hair might be washed.

Aura Wellness Spa adds a cleanser and scalp massage to the body scrub, so the client is revitalized from head to toe. Besides the body scrub, the spa also offers massage therapy, steam saunas and luxurious “back facials.” Though the traditional Korean body scrub is performed in the nude, the client has the option of wearing a bathing suit or disposable underwear. What the client wears or doesn’t wear depend on his or her comfort level.

Contact Aura Spa for the June Promotions

The best thing about Aura Wellness Spa’s Korean exfoliation is that you don’t have to go all the way to Korea to experience it. Our spa is located in the midst of Manhattan on 33rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway.

Right now we’re offering our clients a Korean body scrub treatment at $130 for 60 minutes. A scalp cleansing and light massage will extend the session to 90 luxurious minutes and cost $175. This treatment will also entitle our clients to our steam and dry saunas, shower, therapeutic grottoes and locker facilities. Aura Wellness Spa is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week, and this offer is valid only from May to June 2014. Don’t hesitate to visit the promotions page for more of our New York City spa deals. Call today for skin that looks and feels fresh and rejuvenated at (212) 695-9559.