Water Massage & Aqua Therapy at Aura Spa

The history of aqua therapy is older than the history of even the spa itself. The use of water from warm or cold springs to treat certain ailments and even relieve tension actually predates recorded history. The earliest documented uses of water for forms of aqua therapy occurred in ancient Greece, and was later widespread in ancient Roman civilization as the wide range of health benefits from such therapy became common knowledge, and the earliest ‘spas’ were actually central to ancient Roman culture.

In the ensuing centuries culture has changed drastically and knowledge about human health and medicine has evolved to a remarkable degree. However, one thing has remained constant and these days are well-known: the benefits of aqua therapy.

Water Massage & Aqua Therapy in New York City

Another thing that has evolved and is more widespread than ever, especially in an area like New York City, is stress. Our lives are more tension-filled than ever before, and one of the most well-known benefits of aqua therapy is the relief of stress and tension and many of the physical symptoms that are part and parcel of modern stress, including muscle aches and pain.

We use the most advanced, modern technology in water massage & aqua therapy to bring you the best relief and health benefits you can get in a spa experience. Our state of the art hydrotherapy massage bed brings you the best of both worlds with all of the benefits of both massage and aqua therapy including hydration of skin, diminished cellulite, overall slimming, system detoxification, and of course the relief of physical stress and tension.

We also offer advanced water therapy through the revolutionary Dermalife Spa Oceana. This advanced pod delivers a wonderful, relaxing water massage via water vibration in synchronicity with a natural mineral mist and color relaxation therapy.

Our water massage & aqua therapy will leave you not only relaxed but also renewed and reinvigorated.