Water Massage Therapy New York – Best Lunch Break Idea

Enjoy a Water Jet Massage During Your Break

Working a 9 to 5 job sounds easy to some people but it definitely is not. You have to fight off that 2pm fatigue and the numbness you feel on your bottom half of your body from sitting still all day. In addition because the weather is getting colder with each passing day, spending your lunch breaks in the park near your office is becoming less likely. The looming question comes, what am I going to do with my lunch break? Sitting in the office for an hour seems a little gloomy and it is too cold outside to really bother, what about a New York Water Massage Therapy for a pick-me-up?

At Aura Spa, we offer two forms of Water Massage Therapy:

Spa Jet

This treatment is ideal for slimming, detoxification, skin hydration and cellulite reduction. It can be customized with an invigorating body scrub that stimulates blood circulation for those numb legs at the office and a natural full body facial.

This Aqua Therapy is ideal for a lunch break from work because its only 1 hour and it fits into your schedule perfectly. If you don’t have the time to consider an hour for a massage you may want to go with the other form of water massage therapy Aura Spa offers.
Dermalife Spa Oceana

It will pamper you with water vibrations, color relaxation and natural mineral mist. In addition you get to soak into an Aromatherapy bath just for you and enjoy a water jet massage that soothes your sore muscles and eliminates fatigue.

In just 45 minutes you can be rejuvenated for the rest of your work day during your lunch hour. It is an ideal way of spending your lunch break. Even if you are not going during your lunch break you can enjoy our therapeutic grottos, dry and steam saunas, shower and locker facilities at our spa in addition to your New York water massage therapy.

Treat yourself and book a Water Massage Therapy in New York today through our Online Spa Services Reservation form or call 212.695.9559.