What Are Reflexology Massages?

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Everyone loves a relaxing foot massage. You are no exception either. Foot massage has been widely popular world over as a therapy for overall healing. It was the Europeans that invented reflexology as a therapeutic way to heal a person, applying pressure to some reflex areas on the feet to affect a physical change. Reflexology at Aura Wellness Spa NYC is a specialty. Our therapists use pressure with hands to unblock the channel to restore proper health and organ function.

Reflexology Massage Therapy: Pressure Point Massage

Stress has taken a toll on us. You deal with all forms of stress every day. However, a massage session can prove to be therapeutic and relaxing for the body and mind. A reflexology session at Aura wellness spa in NYC is no exception either, promising to take away your pain and providing relief from stress, anxiety, and helping boost energy.

When you are looking for complete healing from pain, a reflexology massage session promises to offer healing touches, especially for those with ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or toe pain. A combination of massage techniques is involved to heal pain and offer relief from stress and anxiety. The therapist applies pressure to the feet and hands, which transmits a relaxing message from peripheral nerves to the central nervous system to release the tension.

As a result of this therapeutic session, you experience overall relaxation from improved blood supply throughout the different organs, promoting overall healing.

Reflexology at Korean spa NYC is an effective and non-evasive therapeutic way to treat aliments and pain in one part of the body through the massage of nodes or reflexes in the feet or hands.

Reflexology at wellness spa NYC involves a combination of massage techniques, including:

  • Squeeze-and-release movements
  • Pressure-point pressing of specific parts of the feet, hands, or ear ridges

Major Benefits of a Reflexology Korean Massage Therapy at Wellness Spa NYC

You put a lot of stress on your feet and body every day. Since there is a connection between zones of your feet and hands, pressure application on reflex points can help provide relaxation for the entire body.

Some of the benefits of reflexology at Spa Midtown NYC include:

Nerve Function

One session of reflexology at Korean massage in New York helps stimulate nervous endings, improving their flexibility, function, and reactivity.

Energy Levels

If you are low in energy, a healing reflexology session can help align the functioning of different organ and muscle systems and boost metabolism and energy production within the body.


By applying pressure on different reflex points on your feet or hands, the therapist helps improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body.  When more oxygen is circulated to vital organ systems, it helps optimize their function and improve metabolism, which promotes faster healing and re-growth of cells.

Toxin Removal

Reflexology massage at wellness spa in NYC is meant to promote healing, improve bladder function, remove toxins, and reduce urinary tract issues.

Pregnancy and Menstruation

Regular reflexology sessions can be beneficial for pregnant women, helping reduce post-partum depression.  The different reflexology moves can help a pregnant woman’s body heal itself faster after delivery.

The Aura Wellness Spa Advantage

Aura Wellness Spa offers the best NYC reflexology foot massage therapy in a centrally located and professional atmosphere in Midtown Manhattan. In addition, we offer Japanese Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage Therapy, Shiatsu Body Massage, and much more! Along with reflexology and massage, you’ll enjoy our therapeutic grottos, dry and steam saunas, shower and locker facilities at our NYC day spa.