What is an Aromatherapy?

In this modern world, where everyone is just running for reaching the pinnacle of success and happiness, there is little time for taking care of self. At times though, it becomes important that you relax and take a break from this hectic schedule. Lately, aromatherapy body massages and spas have become the most sought after options for reducing stress.

What is an aromatherapy body massage?

An aromatherapy body massage involves the use of natural and herbal essential oils for massaging the body. This type of massage gives you a feeling of wellness and slowly all the frustration of work and stress gets eliminated transiting your mind and body into a total peaceful state. The major differences among aromatherapy body massage and other massages are that the techniques used in aromatherapy are more subtle and effective. Moreover, the essential oils used in aromatherapy being derived from 100% natural elements go further than just eliminating stress. In other types of body massages the body lotions and creams used have the chemical components which even though help you relax do not benefit the condition of your body in the long run.

What is an aromatherapy body massage specialty?

The effective blend of essential herbal oils creates a positive effect on the sensory reception of your brain due to which all your body gets completely relaxed from within. The special fragrance of these oils activates and promotes the hormonal, emotional and nervous system responses that help in complete healing of the body. The body’s digestive functioning immunity system becomes stronger. It is also good for getting relief from regular cough and cold, thyroid, nasal congestion and other chronic diseases.

What to look for if you do not know what is an aromatherapy body massage?

If you live in a big cosmopolitan city like New York and do not know what is an aromatherapy body massage then read the following steps given below to understand the process better:

· Initially you would be provided with a robe to wear and would be given around 20 minutes for relaxing before the session.

· This is important because, you must be relaxed during the treatment to gain maximum benefit.

· A mixture of various oils that exude soothing fragrance is applied and your body is massaged stressing more on high pressure points such as neck, back, limbs, abdomen etc.